amber rose gives a sneak peek into her new luxury home as she shows off \'custom furniture\' including silver metallic bed

by:GSH     2020-10-11
The Amber Rose is up and down.
The 35-year-old reality TV star and feminist idol recently moved into a new luxury residence and showed off her \"custom furniture\" via Instagram on Tuesday \".
\"I just moved into a brand new home and bought all the custom furniture from the couch. design. gallery! ! !
I picked the material and the color myself!
They did it especially for me!
She made the title for the video.
A clip shows a large white sofa with royal blue pillows and matching armchairs.
Another video shows the shiny silver metal furniture, including a padded bed and a matching sofa.
A chic metal and glass coffee table with a book of DingTalk, Amber took a camera in the bedroom.
Amber, who was a foreign dancer in Philadelphia when she was a teenager, has gone a long way.
She continued to appear in several music videos and caught Kanye West\'s attention in 2008, which resulted in two
A romantic year.
At about the same time, she signed up with the Ford model and started her first show on many reality shows, making her debut on running Russell Simmons.
Since then, she has continued to do commercial advertising, published her first book, How to be a bad bitch, and hosted the Amber Rose show on vh1.
She even created an emoji app called MuvaMoji, making $4 m.
Recently, Amber can\'t see without her new boyfriend by her side.
Alexander Edwards is an executive at Jam f Jam Records, and it is reported that the two have been together since October 2018.
On January Amber paid a sweet tribute to her man with a lovely photo.
He feels so cute! ,\' she began.
\"He\'s really tho. . .
Sweet, smart, talented, and attractive, it\'s just an amazing person in general.
\"In the past, I used the word\" best friend \"very loosely when talking about my ex, but I can honestly say that I feel that this person is really my best friend
\"We talked for hours and he made me better and he listened to me and understood me.
Thank you for your love and support for your baby.
I love you so much!
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