Ambry play goal function decomposition!

by:GSH     2021-01-03
Ambry play goal function decomposition! As a modern kitchen cabinet pull basket receive 'artifact' of existence, its main function is to expand cabinet, make the use of cabinet space best. Pull basket style variety, in addition, ambry and receive different function, can satisfy the need of ambry different locations to receive. Such as: (1) the dishes play goal: ambry drawer space can device dishes play goal, let the big and small dishes can be received with orderly and safe place; (2) the Angle of pull basket: use with l-shaped ambry corner position, general this corner position belongs to ambry to receive a blind Angle, the space is difficult to be effectively used, and the device after pull basket can perfectly solve the problem, can be used as a big-ticket items such as pans to receive a position well; (3) linkage pull basket: suitable for cabinets within the sliding door without interlayer space, can let the empty internal space reasonable effective refinement, let every inch of space can be fully utilized; (4) the narrow side pull basket: apply to ambry and some of the more narrow difficult to use the space, can be used as all kinds of bottles and other small items of space; (5) : condole elevator: applicable to high condole cabinet, make the condole ark in the store items easily fell to front, let take hold of the item is more convenient and flexible. But, when play goal, according to the first of his cabinet size and items of receive a situation to choose, and then is to pull the basket anticorrosion quality problems, to select the ambry of practical and have quality assurance play goal. Technology co. , LTD. , zhongshan city, founded in 1999, with 17 years of development, has become the international famous home products OEM services and receive well-known domestic furniture companies. After years of development, always follows the brand development route, which owns brands: IRONMAN iron man, JUBAO Ju treasure, CreativeRoom creative houseful. Equipped with ambry play goal, swing, household kitchen receive products, customized display rack, customized to receive such as multiple product line, the development for many years deep each big manufacturer and consumer trust, is a line of household receive brand in China.
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