Ambry play goal, in order to solve the kitchen housewife to receive challenges, enjoy tidy the kitchen!

by:GSH     2020-12-31
Ambry play goal, in order to solve the kitchen housewife to receive challenges, enjoy tidy the kitchen! If ambry to satisfy all the fancy of the housewife in the kitchen, the ambry basket has solved the housewives receiving problem of POTS and pans. Now the cupboard is basically will configure a basket, pull basket has a large storage space, and can reasonable segmentation space, within the ambry with top and rack is a good way to expand the ambry use efficiency. Owners can according to their own habits, kitchen utensils and tableware placed in the rack, health, and be clear at a glance. Cabinet pull basket types according to different purposes, ambry pull basket type can be divided into the furnace of pull-out basket, drawer pull basket, advanced Yin, basket, corner play goal, etc. 1, hearth decorate it generally in hearth bottom, this part is designed to pull the basket, deposit not commonly used pot pot, even occasionally friends to sit guest not hurry-scurry, and easy to access. 2, drawer pulls basket, as the name implies, its shape is like a drawer, smoked pull the fetch. 3, high damping pull basket strongly chu na, smoked pull way of opening and closing; Multilayer separating basket, make food easily classified implantation, take take be clear at a glance. At the same time, the heavier load, the more smooth, even if is filled with food, can do it gently open, sad silence. The design of the high cabinet, air, atmosphere; Easy to adjust the basket body height, convenient different types of an item. 4, the corner turn basket is clever use butterfly wings modelling, use the corner area, save space. Don't tumble objects flying saucers turn basket away corner cupboard door, have two beauty of the butterfly disc, light lively quietly slipped out, slow stop in front of that bring the enjoy the process of the item. Careful designers make the tray has the function of anti-slip, such things won't accidentally dropped in the slide. 5, narrow pull basket ( Side pulls basket) Tall lines, use the every bit of space. Side pulls basket here introduce two kinds, one kind is on the hearth side, have no the vinegar and soy sauce and seasoning or receive cutting boards, knives, etc. 6, m box installed in the door, pull the door, otherwise ultrasonic insecticide meter box, install batteries, ultrasonic meter amount. How to choose and buy ambry pull basket? (1) the cabinet pull basket is made according to the cabinet size, so buy the ambry of ambry play goal should be to provide accurate size. (2) pull basket of solder joint to the full, not empty welding. Solder joint cannot be too big. Too ugly, and mostly empty welding, is not strong, should be slightly smaller than the size of the welding of two material itself. Electroplating is the most important one annulus, pull basket quality due to the use of the kitchen environment more damp and some corrosion foods such as butter sauce vinegar, determine the goal should have certain ability of anticorrosion. (3) to play goal surface is smooth, comfortable, no burr. (4) choose pull basket of the most important thing is that don't use chrome plated as stainless steel. (5) to pay attention to the brand play goal, try to choose the big brand. Ambry of choose and buy the guide in the basket is the most important part of the guide rail. Guide rail is smooth when smoked pull, and absorb a certain amount of weight, material thick, smooth degree is high, spent a good guide, little noise. Good guide smoked pull effect is significantly different, quality is not qualified guide rail is easy to rust, smoked pull, easy to deformation after put heavy. Cabinet pull basket maintenance cabinets play goal, though, greatly increasing the utilization ratio of ambry, but if you don't clean easily become incase of health dead Angle. Therefore in the process of use at ordinary times, must be regularly clean. Placed in dry cabinet pull basket items must be placed within the pull basket again.
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