Become a major disaster area to receive the kitchen? It is useless to method ~ you

by:GSH     2021-01-25
Become a major disaster area to receive the kitchen? Is that you do not use the method to the kitchen is the most easy to confound place home, lampblack is big, not only some POTS, POTS and pans, and more particularly, the available space is small, food and appliances also takes up half the original configuration of the lockers, always seems to be not enough. How to avoid the kitchen be receiving areas? The key is to choose the method ~ decided to receive it due to space, kitchen receive has never been forced into the purpose of all items, but items should reach, convenient access. Deal with the good, the relations between and among space, objects, is the key to the kitchen receive. Therefore, when receive the kitchen supplies, you first need to plan to receive items and space, according to the use frequency of the item, flexible receive. For cabinets, within the scope of the hand and, ambry of the regional use frequency shall be within an arm up and down, the center portion of the eye is the most frequently used, up, down, on both sides, you can put some objects, using high frequency vessel, receive within this region, some don't often use, or reserve items according to categories, weight and size in high or low. In this way, you will be able to quickly find items in time of need, and easy to access. The ambry of a top four corner pulls basket this artifact can put the POTS and pans to receive all orderly together, a top four! , you will fall in love with secret to receive a little thing, it can adapt to different corner position, need to pull out, don't need to push back, it's as simple as that! Magic stratified rack above the kitchen sink is to add a stainless steel layer rack is very practical. Will be washed tableware conveniently upside down on the shelf, not only can drain water, also can avoid the hand broken dishes. Moreover, drain after tableware disinfection is more convenient.
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