Cabinet pull basket how should choose? Read this article don't tangle

by:GSH     2021-01-01
Cabinet pull basket how should choose? Watching this article don't have to struggle to pull basket as the standard configuration of ambry, how to choose and buy, is always the problem of many consumers, if you choose to hutch ark brand original pull basket, the price is a bit expensive, but choose single, and have to pay the cost of installation, but also worry about to buy is not good to spend more than necessary. Whether buying or original, is actually to see the truth ~ 1, material on the market at present, common has stainless steel pull the basket, aluminum pull basket, etc. Aluminum alloy pull basket is easy corrosion, by contrast, choose stainless steel pull the basket are more practical, but beware, the choice of hutch ark pulls basket to 304 stainless steel material is preferred ( Acid-proof alkaline poor material 201, will rust, etc. ) 。 2, install the uneven appearance, colour and lustre is not full, such as weld coarse is when many consumers buy in single pull basket, often run into some of the problems, it is undeniable that these problems do exist in the current market, so, as consumers, pull basket hardware when the choose and buy, should learn to identify, to the quality first, don't keen on gaining petty advantages. 3, configuration, pull basket slides should have certain bearing weight, fasteners, etc. Is better to 304 stainless steel ( 201, iron rust easily, cause the inside door plank not beautiful, not health, etc. ) Above, to industry production standards, can guarantee to pull basket of integral solid bearing, be practical and beautiful. Zhongshan science and technology co. , LTD. Is specialized in providing home receive product customization, pull basket, household brand ambry chest receive products and nano dry plating processing services.
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