Cabinet pull basket how to choose? Teach you a few action let you can't choose the wrong!

by:GSH     2021-01-01
Cabinet pull basket how to choose? Teach you a few action let you can't choose the wrong! Ambry play goal according to the material points: such as stainless steel, chrome plating and paint material. The stainless steel pull the basket is the most popular with the market, because this kind of product exquisite craft and not easy to rust. Although the price is higher, but still for most of the owners, iron chromium plating basket price is relatively low, but not on quality compared with stainless steel products, sales are declining. Aluminum alloy pull basket is the emergence of new varieties in recent years, there is no widely used. According to use classification: a drawer pull basket, hearth play goal, corner play goal, high damping pull basket, multilayer gamla basket, etc. 1, the drawer pull basket shape is smoke pull things through. 2, hearth pulls basket to hold generally not commonly used such as boiler bowl in hearth bottom is convenient to use. 3, corner pulls basket usually use the corner area of butterfly wings modelling design will not dropped items. Pull the corner cupboard door will slip like butterfly wings tray, the shape of the two is not only convenient can bring aesthetic feeling to the person, and some items in order to prevent slide when slide tray also anti-skid function is designed. 4, high damping pull basket use smoke pull way of opening and closing with super chu na function. 5, multilayer gamla orchid convenient goods access its height can be adjusted easily, convenient placement of similar items. Pull basket matters needing attention of choose and buy: first, pay attention to practical if not practical cabinet pull basket is not worth buying, first of all, we don't get fancy style attracted, as long as it is standard size, style and generous, you'll also have to be able to put a lot of kitchen can bowl chopsticks, plates, and then is looking at whether appearance luster. Have to take the function of disinfection cabinet, see if there are some good product is with disinfection cabinet, so that all bowl chopsticks can be disinfected, also is very good. Size 2, see a lot of people have a misunderstanding, thought that the choose and buy ambry pulls basket to buy that kind of thicker the heavier the better, in fact wrong, buy ambry pull basket design, be sure to see the design of moderate thickness, too thin is not good, easy to take off the welding, just thick also is bad, the general standard size is good. Three, see the material first to know the material of iron is easy to rust, the best choice and the material of stainless steel material, but also there are many types of stainless steel material, also want to choose carefully, good stainless steel materials, the surface is very glossy, the point is to identify the standard. Four, whether the appearance is neat, smooth, regular design. Have burrs in touch the, have defects. In and see how solder joint processing, good ambry pull basket product each solder joints are not obvious, and the sound is good. In promoting it and see the slippery course of bearing under the cabinet pull basket case, materials should choose a thick, such a slippery course in the slide is very smooth, is not easy to bad. Each parts is not rusty material, should be carefully observed. All the most important thing is that when choosing pull basket don't chrome plated as stainless steel. Moreover pull when the choose and buy must pay special attention to the service life of its service life of the man mainly depends on the way, so the owner to choose smoked pull smooth, soft and smooth, feel is good, strong durability of slide.
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