Cabinet pull basket tip of choose and buy, watching you is to pull the basket expert!

by:GSH     2020-12-31
Cabinet pull basket tip of choose and buy, watching you is to pull the basket expert! Believe that there are a lot of friends want to be in the kitchen of his home to install a practical and beautiful ambry pull basket, so just how to choose and buy ambry pull basket? Iron man small make up for all summed up the six steps, and see it together! 1, due to the cabinet pull basket is made according to the cabinet size, so buy the ambry of ambry play goal should be to provide accurate size. 2, pull basket of solder joint to the full, not empty welding. Solder joint cannot be too big. Too ugly, and mostly empty welding, is not strong, should be slightly smaller than the size of the welding of two material itself. Electroplating is the most important one annulus, pull basket quality due to the use of the kitchen environment more damp and some corrosion foods such as butter sauce vinegar, determine the goal should have certain ability of anticorrosion. 3, pull basket surface is smooth, feel comfortable, no burr. 4, choose pull basket of the most important thing is that don't use chrome plated as stainless steel. 5, to pay attention to the brand play goal, try to choose the big brand. 6, ambry of choose and buy the guide rail, in pull basket is the most important part of the guide rail. Guide rail is smooth when smoked pull, and absorb a certain amount of weight, material thick, smooth degree is high, spent a good guide, little noise. Good guide smoked pull effect is significantly different, quality is not qualified guide rail is easy to rust, smoked pull, easy to deformation after put heavy.
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