Choose good kitchen hardware accessories, let you play in the kitchen more white background

by:GSH     2020-12-17
Choose good kitchen hardware accessories, let you play in the kitchen more white background whether the kitchen works, often will reflect on some of the details, like the sink, faucet, pull basket hanging hinge, slide rail these hardware fittings, their quality is likely to be a key of success or failure in your kitchen! Sink of choose and buy when should pay attention to its outlet, pipe diameter, roughness, the design of the smelly bay, you can also choose to sink sink mouth have solid waste storage basket products, 18 cm depth should be greater than at the same time, in addition to wash the dishes to wash dishes at ordinary times attention to avoid scraps into the pipeline. Thickening of the surface of the tub and rose make the product good color, high brightness, sink depth up to 20 cm, high-grade sink is greater than the standard, double layer stainless steel water, prevent leakage more save worry. For hinge, opening and closing effect and durability, natural, smooth, silence is the basic request, suggest to choose three screens of cold rolling and multipoint positioning of the hinge; Slippery course is more pay attention to the sliding function, at the rated load conditions when using smooth, no obvious friction and the card phenomenon. In addition in advice to choose aluminum alloy products, contact connect body to handle better, accounting for the space is little. Hanging basket handle: pay attention to style coordination, function and practical basin of boiler bowl gourd ladle dish cup and so on daily should be placed in the kitchen, how to make the kitchen to avoid disorder state! In addition to some basic hardware accessories, there are many receive powerful hardware can help you, the most common is the hanging basket, basket. You may not be good at cooking, but it should have a good kitchen, and the key of the four types of hardware fittings often determines your kitchen environment of comfort, let you play in the kitchen more white background.
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