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by:GSH     2020-10-12
I just bought a nice coffee table for my living room for only $59. 95.
Well, I really didn\'t buy a coffee table, but I released a coffee table by replacing my six remotes with a universal remote.
What\'s the big deal?
The universal remote control for programmable control TVs, video recorders, audio systems and other home entertainment devices has been around for years.
In fact, you can buy it for $10.
But this time, Radio Shack, is very unique, especially for the month of the price of Radio Shack-in-
1 Audio/Video touch screen remote control is nicknamed \"Kameleon\" because of its versatility and ability to change the look and feel depending on the device you control using it.
As with other universal remotes, its manual contains code related to most home entertainment equipment brands with infrared remotes.
So if you have a Sony TV, you call 0000.
If you have jvc vcr, you will use 0067 and so on.
In addition to the TV and video recorder, there are codes for DVD players, satellite receivers, cable converters, home theater systems, audio receivers, CD players and even audio amplifiers.
To my delight, the remote control also works with the TiVo personal video recorder.
The popular news center climate change documentary Trump\'s derogatory tweet David outiz was discharged from Moscow to protest against a remote control that is not like the average, without a fixed button.
When you don\'t use this device, all you see is a large blue screen with nothing.
But when you pick it up or touch the screen, it instantly lights up with buttons on the screen that correspond to any remote control you are simulating.
So when it\'s in TV mode, you\'ll see the \"buttons\" for channels, volume, channels up and down, and all the other common options \".
The display changes as soon as you press the VCR button and you will see playback, rewind and other typical VCR options.
A setback for most universal remotes is that they often don\'t have buttons with some special features, so even if you can use them to turn the device on and off, for example, adjust the volume and change the channel, you may not be able to adjust the contrast or call some other special features of the unit.
This is not the case with Kamelion.
Since it can only show the features you need, the designer of the remote control does not have to save the buttons.
When you are in DVD mode, you can find all the controls you expect to find on the DVD player.
If there are too many commands on the screen (
Same as with TiVo)
, You can press the \"screen\" button to go to the auxiliary screen.
The device also has a menu key that actually shows the menu on all the devices I \'ve tested.
Other special keys include the \"Fav scan\" key in TV mode, allowing you to scan the three channels of your choice using the remote control.
If you have a device that is not listed in the manual, or if you have features that are not on the remote control, you can put the device in \"learning mode \", then align your original remote control with the radio cottage remote control so it can learn these commands.
You can also create macros that call multiple commands, for example, you can turn on the TV, DVD player, and AMP and adjust the volume by just pressing the key, even adjust to your favorite radio station.
Although the device was sold under the Radio brand, it was actually designed by Universal Electronics in Cypress, California, which maintains a database of control codes for thousands of wireless remotes.
The radio cabin model is one of several touch models.
But it has some unique qualities.
Most other touch
LCD screen remote control (
LCD display)
It depends on what you control.
Instead, the Radio Shack model has something I think you would call soft
Unlike the LCD screen, the Keys actually give you a little bit of tactile feedback.
The equipment is a little big (9. 38 by 2. 79 by . 69 inches)
It\'s a bit awkward to hold in your hand.
Also, in order to save energy, the screen becomes blank after a few seconds.
I like to save battery life but it can be a bit annoying.
Another problem with the remote control is the faint hum.
I can only hear it when I put it on my ear, but my wife says she can hear it even if it\'s on the table (
I think I need to check my ears).
I thought it was just my unit, but one of my colleagues had the same problem.
But I also won some honors for Radio Shack.
The battery is not a cheap plastic latch but is fixed with screws so you don\'t have to worry about it coming out.
This device has a strong signal so you can use it in a large roombest of all -
There is a user manual on Radio Shack\'s website, so if you lose the manual, you can still look up the code, DVD player or other devices if you buy a new TV.
Larry Magid is a joint technical columnist for nearly 20 years and serves as an aviation technology analyst at CBS Radio News.
His technical report can be heard several times a week on the CBS radio network.
Magid is the author of several books including The Little PC book.
Is there a computer problem? Visit www. PCAnswer. com.
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