Clever receive method, messy kitchen return neat

by:GSH     2021-01-09
Clever receive method, makes the messy kitchen return neat kitchen as an important part of our daily lives, is also the most likely to become messy place; How do the various things in the kitchen and mixed and disorderly, receive to keep the kitchen clean and tidy, and convenient to use? Together to solve the kitchen receive this conundrum: ~ 1, corner corner is the place where the most easily ignored by us, to maximize the use of receive a space of the kitchen, we start from the corner of the patterns. Placed in the corner of a suitable size to the ground fabric basket, can be stacked layers, add more receive a space. 2, refrigerators, refrigerator, stacked to the things come together; Refrigerator can also more outside a refrigerator placed side hanging basket items ~ 3, condole ark: general kitchen condole ark position is relatively high some, take items have certain difficulty, so the condole ark in general is given priority to with deposit infrequently used items ( Best can be placed inside the basket, convenient to take) ; And below the condole ark will there is a big piece of empty space, we can make when adding a receive basket, receive a need and no place to put the goods. 4, metope: generally the metope of the kitchen space is empty, we can appropriately in metope installed leverage ( Hook) , hang spoons, towel, tolerance weight also can hang a frying pan or something. 5, mesa: want to mesa clean and orderly, then place a few receive on mesa basket, all kinds of bottles and condiments to return, this table will be more clean and tidy. Can also place a few this stratification plane on mesa oh, put a variety of cups, tableware, neat and good-looking! Adhere to the original design has always been yes brand core, design originates from life, integrating the public's aesthetic orientation and way of life to product research and development, the depth of the internationalization of the design with the customer for its brand products by consumers. Fashion practical and diversified to receive product, elected!
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