country life, with a twist; actors chris lemmon and gina raymond raising their family in rural connecticut.

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Signed: Margaret Leroux is the pilot of the new cooking show being developed by actor and writer Chris Lemmon and his wife Gina Raymond, starring a quirky Hollywood actor, he exchanged his movie star status with a Porsche convertible for family life in the country --
It\'s almost what Lemmon did 15 years ago when he left Hollywood with Raymond to support his family in rural Connecticut.
This is a turning point in their lives.
Lemmon played a role in the first TV series \"thunder of Heaven\" on Oaks TV.
Shooting in Disney World.
\"This series looks like there will be legs because we shoot on the East Coast, so it makes sense to live here,\" Lemmon said . \".
Raymond\'s family is from Connecticut.
She fell in love with a solemn Georgian Colonial-style house nestled in the Cedar Woods.
The couple changed it to stone manor in honor of Chris\'s mother, actress sintiaston.
Of course, his father is actor Jack Lemmon.
The similarities between their facial expressions and gestures are creepy.
You can also feel the presence of elders Lemmon throughout the house.
His cartoon hangs on the wall of the living room.
In this study, pictures of father and son Chris were on the MGM plot, and Lemmon and his friend Walter Matu were on the first Fortune Cookie in their numerous films. The focal-
The main point of the room is an antique table with beautiful wood inlaid on it, and the pattern was bought at the auction, \"because it reminds me of the Pop table,\" Lemmon said.
However, the house in this country represents something missing from his life as the son of a famous actor.
Lemmon\'s parents divorced when he was 10.
Their subsequent remarriage and divorce meant he was traveling between Hollywood and his mother\'s home in Florida.
\"I dream of growing up in a block,\" he said . \"
\"I want to raise my child with emotions I have never had before.
\"When I grew up, my father\'s chair was an empty one on the table,\" he said . \".
\"That\'s why I was there to make dinner for my family and it was important to pack the children\'s lunch in the morning.
Lemmon explained that it was the only room he and Raymond had renovated.
With cherry cabinets, a bare brick wall and a pair of wines on the Italian marble countertop, \"it\'s the feeling of Tuscany,\" he said . \".
Elegant living room with lemon
Color walls and creamywood.
There is a small piano in the corner;
Chris is a pianist trained in classical music, although he and his father are notorious for being noisy and late --
Impromptu evening performance
An 18th-century French box in his mother\'s estate, decorated with a living room.
\"We designed the whole room around this one,\" explains Raymond . \". A Tiffany-
The style floor lamp provides a lot of color in one corner of the room.
On the opposite wall is an animalistic painting, a gift from Jack Lemmon to Cynthia Stone.
Two sofas stuffed with antique coffee
The table between them offers a comfortable view of the fireplace, white marblemantelpiece.
The house has many formal features and is true in its time.
For example, all models have individually carved dental models.
But there are also many informal contacts.
Their beloved dog ZuZu is a Havana man with a group of family photos and toys from the room.
\"This is a big house for raising children,\" Lemmon said . \" He pointed out that the lounge in the basement is often a crowded overnight place.
He and Raymond have a daughter, a freshman at Sydney, Boston University, and two sons, Chris, 14, and Jonathan, 12.
Lemmon escaped the children\'s commotion in the hotel and renovated into an office a few steps from the garden.
There he wrote and recorded the voiceover.
His father\'s memoir and biography, the Twist of Lemmon, was published in 2006 and recently reissued on paperback.
In this book, he and his father wrote about the annual fishing trip to Alaska.
\"Watching Jack Lemmon\'s flying is a sitcom in itself,\" he said . \"
Although he has some funny anecdotes, Lemmon admits that it is impossible to follow the actor\'s appearance.
Lemmon said: \"He has never been comfortable getting too close . \"
His father pretended to be on the phone to avoid any attempt.
\"Hello, operator,\" he will say, \"Badconnection.
\"Although the actor never told his son how important he was to him, after his father died, the young Lemmon heard this from others.
Raymondrecounted about a conversation she had with elders Lemmon, who said his Oscar inspired them --
In 1982 films missing, the father\'s nominated character for finding his son is Chris, his own son.
Lemmon said it was a catharsis to write this book.
\"I want to record good times and bad times and leave something for my children and others who love Jack Lemmon.
\"Chris Lemmon and Gina Raymond hope the hotel will be a special guest in October.
Looking for a fashion show-
A fundraising event at Worcester hope Hotel.
The event was held at the Crowne Plaza Ballroom in Worcester, starting at 4: 30 to 6 in the evening. m. ;
Dinner is at 6: 15. m.
Tickets are $65;
The 10 tables are $600.
For more information, please contact Jackie of HopeLodge ,(508)792-2985, ext 0.
Both Lemmon and Raymond are active at the American Cancer Society as ambassadors to the Eastern Division of the American Cancer Society.
Art: Photographic work: the photographic work of Tom retich catin :(1)
Chris Lemmon and Gina Raymond are at their home in Connecticut. (2, 3 AND 4)The Lemmon-
Raymond house has a lot of formal details, but it\'s a place to make kids and pets feel at home.
Their dog ancestors, a Havana man, sat on the stairs. (5)
There is a baby piano in the corner of the living room (
Chris is a classical-trained pianist). (6)
Here are the photos of Chris and Jack Lemmon on MGMlot.
Chris is the author of the Twist of Lemmon, a memoir and biography of his father. (7)
On the left is the library and office at home.
Terrace in Lemmon Square-Raymond house.
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