do we still have a thirst for coffee table books?

by:GSH     2020-10-06
Lawrence Aubach, Senior founder and CEO of Quarto Publishing Group, will retire next year.
Aubach, who announced the company\'s recent financial results this week, told booksellers, \"this book --
The \"digital revolution\" broke the publishing ecology.
However, in the first half of 2012, quato\'s own sales were better than expected.
Aubach\'s company is famous for big companies.
Format, illustration Title: coffee table book, in fact, this may be the last big hope for the publication of the entity.
Quarto was founded in London in 1976 by Orbach and Robert Morley, who retired earlier this year.
Its mark includes essence, 1,001 . . . . . . The publisher of the \"Before You Die\" series and Francis Lincoln, who was acquired in 2011 for £ 4. 5m.
Bookseller editor Tom Tivnan said that over the past few years, illustrated books and art books have withstood the digital recession faced by others in the industry.
\"Beautiful\" books are printed books that will survive in the digital age.
For example, the latest book scan data showed sales of individual monograph art books increased by 70 last year.
\"The coffee table book is number 20-
Century creation;
Considering that the coffee table itself was introduced to the UK at the end of the 19 th century, it is not surprising. Until the post-
Printing such a large version was very expensive during the war.
But with the decline in printing costs,
Class income increases and they become essential fixed assets for any bourgeois family.
They are designed to be appreciated. They like pictures instead of words.
Typical themes include art, photography, fashion or the natural world.
Coffee table books are the best excuse to show soft porn on a regular occasion.
Kramer once spent the entire Seinfeld series trying to publish a coffee table book about the coffee table book.
\"The Illustrated books are now mainly produced in the Far East,\" Tivnan explained . \".
\"It may cause some ecological problems, but it\'s cheaper for publishers and the quality is high.
So we can enter a golden age.
Cheap e-commerce will be different.
Books are easy to read, and books that people want to live in are placed on coffee tables or bookshelves.
Coffee table books, like cook books (
Also sold very well)
On behalf of the impression we want to make to the world about our taste and ambition
Readers with low interest.
The whole work of Helmut Newton nude in your living room matches the 50-tone trilogy on the Kindle.
\"You won\'t show off your iPad Library when someone comes over,\" said Josh Baker, art director at Taschen recently . \".
\"With regard to physical books, there is something that allows owners to make statements about themselves and their lives.
\"However, there may still be a major issue for Quarto.
According to Orbach, though Amazon and its peers: \"The bookstore is still a unique place to present many new and back-up titles to a loyal audience.
\"What happens to coffee table books when there are no more bookstores?
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