eclectic decorating: bold new mixtures

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One of the most mature interior design styles in 1960s, eclectic decor is starting to make a comeback, especially among young designers.
Eclectic decorators successfully blend seemingly different pieces of furniture in a single room, supported by decorators such as Billy Baldwin and British designer David Hicks.
A typical room of this era may include the 18 th.
Vintage French, Oriental accessories and modern cushions of the century.
More accurate single in 1970s and 80
Theme rooms appear.
They were very decorated.
Minimalism in technology, country of America, Art Deco style or country of England-house look.
But from the two apartments shown here, one is from William Diamond, and the other is from Robert Hart, with a difference in the new eclectic.
Furniture of different periods is tied together in a more unorthodox combination, and the result is a bolder, more concise design expression.
Today\'s decoration is eclectic, and it is even more disrespectful and not serious.
\"Even when we think about art deco, for example, we want to have fun and do something a little joking,\" he said . \"
Diamond and his partner Pauline Feldman have just completed the redesign of the Upper West Side apartment.
Advertising new decorations may be inconsistent with the original building of the room and may involve a grid division of multiple styles.
Often, however, it is a basic idea to get the initiative motivated initially.
Mr. Anthony Barata said: \"The room we made was a little ironic. Remember the French hotel in 1920s or the suite in Mahdi, or the set in the Fred Astaire movie . \"
Diamond\'s colleague
The idea is to evoke the comfort and elegance of an era.
\"The new compromise is also the result of practical considerations.
\"It is difficult to decorate the whole family with a single style of furniture now, although the furniture we choose may be eclectic, they all have a strong form and self
This is an important person, he said. Baratta. Mr.
Diamond says another reason to choose what he calls a \"somewhat funky Middle\"19th-
Early 20 th century-
\"Fragments of the century\" is \"the high price of old antiques \".
His current preference is big.
Gorgeous carved Victorian sofas and oversized upholstered furniture were in turn canceled --of-the-
Art Deco Century hotel lobby. Mr. focus of attention
Diamond\'s recent project is a pink wall living room with super-sized furniture, a chair for a retro art deco club, and a replica art deco sofa. All the decorations are decorated with gorgeous white silk.
\'The idea is to do something very dramatic, \'he said. Diamond.
Overstuffed furniture with potted palm frame placed at the turnof-the-
The century Obson carpet was auctioned for $3,500.
There is an oval French Empire painting on the sofa on display at Malmaison antique shop. Mr.
Diamond and Bell-
An inch edge of a pair of reproductive Giacometti gold-
Emergency light.
Achieving the final look of the apartment also requires some architectural changes.
\"The ratio of rooms is appropriate, but all the details are missing . \"Diamond said.
According to the designer, the new floor has been installed, a post has been added to match the existing structure, and a plaster craftsman has been invited, \"To make it look like we haven\'t touched the apartment. \'\' Mr.
Diamond also decided to open the bedroom next to the living room and build a study.
The walls of the study were painted dark purple.
\"This is a color that was used in the 1920s,\" he said . \".
The advertisement says, \"People are afraid of it, and we are afraid of it.
Matching the walls is a 1920s snake-grain sofa and two armchairs decorated with deep purple velvet with eight
An inch long white gold strip edge.
\"Art Deco and Victorian wedding\"
\"Diamond\", designed to contrast with the white part of the living room.
The floor is not carpeted to emphasize the monotony of the furniture.
The entrance foyer of the apartment, where the closet was rebuilt and similar furniture was provided side by side.
Holding court is a Biedermeier sofa with green silk barrels of celadon.
On the 18 th, the walls were covered with strong flowers.
Century wallpaper from Hong Kong.
\"For example, in the past 20 or 30 years, you will walk into a delicate Fifth Avenue apartment with only this type of wallpaper . \"Baratta said.
If possible, Sir.
The diamond is trying to redecorate the antiques he used in the fabric he might otherwise use.
\"It helps to maintain integrity and reduce the look of the decorators,\" he said . \".
When designers look for furniture at auction and outdoorsof-the-
In the antique furniture store that needs to be renovated, there is a place where he does not allow his customers to be stingy.
\"The coffee table is the hardest to find . \"Diamond.
He chose the 19 th.
Century China table, living room and early 19 th century for $7,500
The century black-painted table, with half-precious stones, costs $5,500.
Both tables are from the main antique dealers.
\"If you want the place to look like old money, you have to take it with you,\" he said . \".
He said: \"There are a lot of wonderful things around, it is impossible to be so pure in a person\'s vision . \"
Hart redesigned another West End apartmentof-the-
Century building
\"I like to express different influences, not only on old and new issues, but also on serious and interesting, large and small, rough and smooth issues, and I think that the eclectic is a mix.
Most of the buildings in the apartment\'s rooms are intact.
\"What impressed me was the size of the room and the interesting details . \"Hart said.
However, the designer chose a spare pale design scheme to tie unusual art furniture to antiques instead of elaborate styling and paneling, mosaic tile floors and quirky rooms.
\"It also involves time issues ,\"Hart said.
\"It has to grow and can\'t be put together like a cup of instant coffee. \'\'Mr. Hart\'s living-
The room design combines the soft pads covered in crisp, sharp
Sofa covers on the edge, with romantic folds and curtains, dotted with the top of tall life --room windows.
The ad, he said, \"This is the kind of thing you might find in a Swedish cabin . \".
Most of the customer\'s furniture was redecorated.
For new decoration.
However, a custommade banquette;
Two modern leather chairs were added, a white one, a black one, and an art deco wooden urn on a pillar. Mr.
Hart commissioned Nick Edwards and Louise clandel to make a pastel-colored floor fabric, and Howard Meister made a black and white metal coffee table and an eightfoot-
High etched plastic screen with gold
Leaf frame of Christopher Sproat.
The choice of art in the apartment is also special, including the 16 th.
The collection of vintage German paintings, antique Buddha statues, modern paintings by Rachelle Epstein and French art deco screens. The green-
According to the gentleman, there are walls and paneled restaurants.
Hart, \"very boring\" and presented a challenge.
On the 18 th, around a \"ordinary\" table
\"It may be exciting in some cases, but not in this room.
The designer finally decided to cover the table with a large canvas tassel cloth with lace.
Lavender with lavender on the wall
Shades of Gray and ceiling in one off-white shade.
\"Color is deliberately chosen to imply age, although the surface is painted in a high color
\"The paint is shiny,\" he said . \"
Only the pool table in the entrance foyer retains the new decor intact.
\"Once, my client threatened to take it away, and I got used to it,\" he said . \"
Hart, he added a new light fixture with a huge shadow of paper and placed a marble and forged
Iron Art Deco console and mirror along a wall.
\"I think it\'s an excellent use of an otherwise useless space,\" he said of the elegantly decorated pool room . \".
\"Anyway, how many people can afford to keep their front office empty?
\"A version of this article appears on page C00001, country edition, February 6, 1986, with the title: Eclectic decor: Bold New mixture.
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