girl, 4, ‘murdered by her mum’ was found dead on the coffee table in the garden

by:GSH     2020-10-08
The old girl allegedly killed by her mother was found dead on the coffee table in the garden, an investigation heard today.
In June 8, little Amelia Brooke Harris died at his home in Rhondda Trealaw, South Wales.
Carly Ann Harris, 37, has appeared in court and is charged with murder.
The coroner, Robert Lewis, said police entered their back garden and found a child\'s body on the coffee table. \"At 10,\" he said.
At fifteen o\'clock P. M. that afternoon, a man was heard on the road shouting that someone was dead.
When the police arrived, several emergency service vehicles were present.
Police found a wooden tea table in a back garden with the body of a child on it. \"At 10.
At 30 p. m. the police arrested the deceased\'s mother for murder.
The Pontypridd Coroner\'s Court heard that Amelia\'s body was later officially confirmed by her grandmother.
A forensic pathologist said
The autopsy has not yet ended how Amelia died and further examination is needed.
No family members were present at the short hearing adjourned until November 13.
They said before that the young girl was a \"lovely daughter, sister, granddaughter, great granddaughter, niece and cousin \".
They added: \"Amelia is beautiful both inside and outside --and was a fun-
Lovely, caring and lively little girl.
\"She was taken away by us too early and her life was in front of her.
\"Words cannot express our feelings at this moment.
We know that our lives will never be the same again.
\"Harris has not yet raised a plea against the charges she faces, and the provisional trial date has been set to December 3.
She sobbed \"sorry\" when she appeared in court earlier this month \".
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