heavy furniture in a small space usually doesn\'t work

by:GSH     2020-10-11
Dear Sam, I bought a black walnut solid wood coffee table for my living room.
My sofa is light gray and the carpet is off. white.
My space was small and everything was OK but it looked crowded.
Also, the carpet looks too yellow now.
I can also give you the coffee table.
The price is very good and I like it very much in the store.
But I was wondering if I should have bought a carpet in dark gray or graybrown?
Thank you so much Jenny dear Jennifer, it sounds like you may have brown boot syndrome.
BBS is not a real syndrome;
When I buy it by mistake, it\'s just my name and then try to force it to work by spending more money.
I bought a pair of discounted brown boots a few years ago.
They all fit in height and size, but the brown color of my new boots doesn\'t look right with anything in most of my black wardrobe.
I bought a new navy sweater and navy coat instead of returning the boots.
I wore my coat. sweater-Start the combination at once.
Unfortunately, the boots are still in the trunk of my car because I \'ve been forgetting to donate them and maybe, secretly, I want to buy something else to get them to work.
To answer your question, the dark gray carpet will help, but if you like it
White carpet and gray sofa then go back to the table and buy something to use with what you already have.
Cushion in cream Ottomanand-
The gray pattern is perfect.
One trick I \'ve learned in my styling era is if you want a piece like your ottoman that stands out or looks bigger then find a color contrast
If you want your ottoman to disappear like a brown bird hidden in a bush, buy an Ottoman in the same color as your carpet or sofa.
If you don\'t like the padded ottoman, this is the best solution I have found for a stressful environment (
When you have no children)is glass.
A glass table will not overdo the room and will not take up any visual space;
Also, you don\'t have to worry about matching the pattern and color.
The key is to find a table with a glass top.
Avoid dark wooden frames embedded in glass.
Glass table with iron base that can trip your legs and feet is also a bad idea in small spaces.
There are many in the middle
Modern century glass coffee table with small size
Ratio and explosive process on the secondhand market.
If you like something brand new, I \'ve chosen six glass tables that work well with your gray sofa and cream rug.
Nice coffee shop!
Send your trim issue to asksampynn @ gmail.
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