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Dwight ganinov
One of the long-standing drawbacks of 20,2012 e-books is that they are not very fun as gifts.
There\'s nothing to pack.
You can\'t engrave words for friends. E-
Books are weightless, colorless, and tasteless, especially when it\'s on holidays.
In fact, they have fallen.
You can\'t be as sure as David Foster Wallace did when he signed a book for his friend Jonathan Franzen.
According to Mr.
Wallace Franzen goes back to \"such a huge erection profile that it disappears from the page, annotated with a small arrow and\" scale 100%.
Try it on the Kindle.
Here are the suggestions for giving literary gifts in the luxury coffee table book category this season.
When you put these books down, they will bang.
They made an impression.
Dragging one is as good as going to the gym.
I love them without reservation.
Let\'s start with \"Extinct Animals ($50)
The absurd masterpiece of Ralph Steadman, a British illustrator.
He was asked to draw an extinct bird for an exhibition called \"ghost of a lost bird.
Steadman found himself possessed: he drew more than 100 paintings with his unique inkspecked style.
Some of these birds are well known: the big sharks and the ferry birds, for example.
He just made it up.
You can see the light blue piddle and the unnecessary smut.
This book is a wild and scathing review of death.
As filmmaker Ceri Levy wrote in his comments, it is also a portrait of a man, \"in a creative whirlpool.
\"The ad about the rebellious British fashion designer Alexander McQueen has said a lot that he died of suicide in 2010 at the age of 40.
\"Love is not seen with eyes: 13 years of Lee Alexander McQueen \"(Abrams, $75)
A series of photos by Anne Dino, which obtained its title from Shakespeare\'s works
McQueen\'s name is Li. He has a tattoo on his right arm. Ms.
Deniau is the only photographer allowed to take pictures in the background.
From 1997 to the last show, McQueen has been playing for 13 years.
Her image is instructive and vivid.
The advertisement \"Li can find beauty even in the so-called ugliness \".
Deniau wrote, \"This is a shocking beauty that is almost unbearable.
Something similar can be said to be her good book.
A clear photo of actress Wayne Mala, her head partially shaved to add color to the cover of fashion: edited eyes (Abrams, $75)
Edited by Eve MacSweeney.
This is an inflammatory image for an inflammatory book that is more than just one of the greatest
Click collection for photo shoot.
The book pays tribute to the magazine\'s 8 fashion editors, 4 of whom came from the magazine\'s past (
Barbs Simpson, Polly Allen Meilun, Jed Hobson and Karlene dudezler Central Emergency Response Fund)
There are four from now on.
Grace is Posnick and Camilla Nickerson).
The text of the book is as strong as the photo.
Each of these women has features. About Ms.
Michael Roberts said, \"her pain and pain
Pain is a legend, and she is dissatisfied with the layout of conveying anything below the expectations of the giant, in a cold British tone, penetrating enough to hit the nerves like a dentist\'s drill.
\"I don\'t mind finding four rock coffee tables under Douglas fir this year.
The most important thing is \"COLUMBIA voice: COLUMBIA Records \"(
Chronicles, $45)
This is a illustrated volume, written by Princeton historian and music writer Sean willencz as a wise article.
\"It\'s impossible to think about America --
Or, think about modern life --
There are no Al Jolson, Bessie Smith, Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra, Leonard Bernstein, Miles Davis, Barbara Streisant, Bob ·Wilentz writes.
\"So there is no way to imagine modern life without Columbia Records.
The book tracks Colombia through Adele\'s hit songs and the cast of Glee.
\"There are other great record companies . \"
\"But none of them has a longer or richer history of achievement,\" says Willentz.
\'Rolling Stone 50 \'(Hyperion, $60)
Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watt, and Ronnie Wood are here in time to celebrate the 50 th anniversary of the band, an authorized scrapbook.
Posters, puzzles, bubble gum cards, art drafts for album covers are all filled with ephemera.
It also includes hundreds of photos that have proven from experience what Western culture has always known: it is impossible to take a bad picture of a gentlemanJagger.
Most of the band members\' continuous comments felt called. in (
\"It\'s amazing to play with stones, it really has,\" Mr.
WA acknowledges)
But there is Moonlight in every corner. Mr.
Starting with an anecdote, Richards declared: \"I was wearing transparent djellaba, Mexican shoes and a tropical military hat.
\"There is no story that starts in this way and can end all the bad.
Beatles producer George Martin wrote in his introduction to Abbey Road: the best studio in the world:$75).
Abbey Road opened in 1931, and the great revelation of the book is how much wonderful music the studio has created in addition to the Beatles.
Music was classical in the early days: Yehudi menuin and many others recorded music there.
The same is true of Peter Cyrus and Spike Milligan, Paul Robertson and Ella fitzgerrard, as well as Pinke Floyd, who made the \"moon\" on Abbey Road
This volume took us through the recent recordings of Radiohead and Blur.
We have read that John Lennon\'s favorite place on Abbey Road is the roof, where he likes to go to \"meditate \".
\"In any case, the best coffee table book reissued this year for some sort of coffee table is definitely\" hung Ki Donk: Portrait of Country Music \"(W. W.
Norton, $50)
Henry in, StanMr.
Holenstein, a young Massachusetts photographer, found himself attracted to country music, especially the 1970-year-old opry. His black-and-
White photos of musicians such as Roy akov, Dolly Parton, Viren Jennings, mother Maybell Carter, Tammy Winnett, and George Jones are reminiscent
The book was first published in 2003 and updated with the photographer\'s recent work.
\"Many people think that country music is something in the South . \"
Holenstein said in his preface. “It isn’t;
The New Yorker magazine has published such a good article for so long that it can publish almost any subject book it wants. (
I will buy a book that is just a collection of rare admitted factual errors illustrated by Barry Bright. )I like dogs —
I have three at home.
But most people hate reading.
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The Book of the Big New Yorker dog (
Random House, $45)
Slowly, however, won me.
This is an over-filled collection of prose, comics, reported works and poems, including works by Roald Dahl and Jules fever through Susan o\'leen and Rhodes Chast
Malcolm Gladwell\'s introduction is much better than before.
Barking dogs about other pet owners
Gladwell asked, \"who am I to judge an animal that has no other meaningful self-export? expression?
Edward O, a great American biologist and naturalist.
Wilson often describes his Southern childhood in books such as naturalist (a memoir)and “Anthill” (a novel).
Now this state of Alabama
Born scientists collaborated with photographer Alex Harris from Georgia to publish a book, why are we here: the spirit of mobile and southern cities (Liveright, $39. 95)
About mobile phones, Ala. , where Mr.
Wilson spent most of his childhood here.
If serious, the result is very good. Mr.
The picture of Mr. Harris is curious.
Wilson\'s prose is also vivid.
About the University he taught for many years.
Wilson wrote, \"I find it impossible to fall in love with Harvard.
He called it \"too big, too scattered, too complicated, too little awareness of common heritage \".
He wrote, \"I am from alamami . \"
Ransom Riggs\'s latest novel, Miss Peregrine\'s House of special children (2011)
Illustrated with the photos found.
\"I have an unusual hobby . \"
Riggs wrote in his introduction to \"Talking Photos: images and messages saved from the past (It Books, $16. 99).
\"I collect photos of people I don\'t know.
This book is an anthology of pan-yellow snapshots and postcards that sometimes write sentences that are difficult to understand, and the author finds them in the sales of thrift stores and rummaging cabinets.
These images are disturbing and unfamiliar to them.
Their tone is best summed up in words on the back of a postcard with a woman eagerly gazing at the body, like a French Lieutenant\'s Woman, as if waiting for someone to come back: \"I am so lonely, I hope you are here.
The editor of \"My Ideal Bookshelf\", Sully la forth (
Brown Jr. , $24. 99)
With an inspired idea, a simple task for dozens of writers, chefs, musicians, and Hollywood-type people: \"Choose a small bookshelf that represents you --
Books that have changed your life, books that have made you your favorite today.
Jane Munte gave a vivid picture of the resulting list, including the contributors to Juno Dias and Dave egos, Patti Smith and Juan apato.
Some of the results surprised the lady. La Force.
\"Who can guess that Lydia Davis will be on more shelves than George Elliott? ” she asks.
\"Or is Walker Percy\'s movie viewer more popular than John Updike\'s Rabbit, Run?
\"The Painter of the logo \'(
Princeton building Press, $24. 95)
Faith Levin and Sam Macon\'s Art of disappearing is a lovely hymn.
The computer design removed a lot of strange things from the signature paintings in the United States. Ms. Levine and Mr.
Macon chose the country and interviewed many of the best old people.
The school\'s logo painters and print their best works.
A painter named Bob Behounek in Chicago told them: \"vinyl machines can be cut, they can give you a circle and a square, but, they can\'t give you a passion for a logo painter.
Introduced by artist Ed Rucha, this book is a trendy and necessary preservation work.
Space is getting shorter and shorter.
Several of the other favorites this year are: Books: 500 of graphic innovation (
River Thames and Hudson, $65)
Edited by Mathieu Lommen, the volume spans Western book design for over 500 years;
\"Life along the line: photo portrait of the last steam railway in the United States \"(Abrams, $40), by O.
Winston Link, the text of Tony Levy;
And \"Breathless Zoo: Culture of specimen making and longing \"(
Penn State University Press, $34. 95)
Rachel Polly.
\"The reason why specimen stripping exists is that it is inevitable to break up in life . \"Poliquin says.
\"The specimen peeling teacher wants to stop the time.
\"Let\'s end this holiday review with socks and the paperback is not thin enough to fit into almost all the books described above.
Its title is \"color for adults\"
UPS: Book of activities for adults \'(Plume, $10)
Written and illustrated by Ryan Hunter and Taige Jensen.
Don\'t put this on a coffee table that young people can touch.
Several of them are risque.
The others are just interesting.
They include \"drunks\", \"finding six things that don\'t belong to you at grandma\'s funeral\", \"avoiding debt collectors\" and \"steps that damage your integrity and goals!
Crayons are not included.
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