Household receive brand popular science 丨 wardrobe hardware accessories have?

by:GSH     2020-12-29
Receive a brand popular science 丨 wardrobe hardware accessories have? Although small wardrobe hardware fittings, but because it was used in the comfortable rate of the wardrobe, durable degree of influence is very big, so the quality is considered chest important measure of quality. The internal structure of integral chest, can according to the size and personal preference, some stretching equipment collocation. Drawer where, where is the clothes can be put in order, even towels, socks, tie can also be in place, be clear at a glance, easy to take. So how much you know about chest hardware accessories? Follow the small make up together to see! 1, activity play goal, chest of the most common is the use of activity play goal, activity play goal make take put more convenient, can need according to actual assembly pull basket of different size. Pull basket suitable for put the clothes such as t-shirts, shirts, sweaters. 2, door plank basket, basket installed on the closet door, can make full use of space, suitable for receive clothes, cosmetics, perfume and so on. 3, jewelry boxes, wmi will act the role ofing is tasted, convenient storage, be clear at a glance. 4, trousers rack, can prevent the trousers appear fold, can hang the pants, if do orbit design, take more convenient. 5, elevator clothes rod rack, hanging clothes at a higher position, is not easy to get, if set lift hang garment lever, you can easily take place. 6, tie rack, hanging in the tie) neatly tie rack, is not easy to fold, convenient to take, clean and intuitive. 7, shoe rack, crisscross cascade way, 360 ° rotation is received, to maximize the space, the clean is convenient. 8, chest drawer, the traditional chest of drawers are on the surface of the wood, and the latest drawer ark is the glass surface, more convenient to take the clothes. 9, the fitting room, hiding in the closet, pull gently, push back dressing mirror plate tightly in the ark, not take up space inside wardrobe, very practical and beautiful. That is little knowledge about chest hardware accessories, hope I can help you. Always guided by the idea of 'comprehensive marketing', 'leading products, leading marketing, light assets' mode of operation, receive a household brand, household receive products, custom receive a product, custom receive manufacturers, hardware, kitchen hardware, chest to receive more than hardware product line, provide consumers with better service.
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