How to do a good job in the kitchen receive, do you know these things?

by:GSH     2021-01-18

a lot of things inside the kitchen, tableware, cooking tools or dressing will be out, but the desktop can always can't put too many things, so is not convenient to cook, and will also get a mess. Then we will need to receive some effective methods to help. House full of creativity, this period of time, and everyone talk about how to do a good job in the kitchen receive.

how to do a good job in the kitchen receive, do you know these things? Hidden

in the useless, the broken kitchen utensils after throw throw, change numerous for brief highlight is 'hidden' rise. Usually use frequency of this kind of goods do not have so high, use ground ark, according to the tall ark of wall design, and even some embarrassing corner, classify them all away, out of sight for the net is within reach.

under the sink is often ignored by people receive a space, but it is very appropriate to receive cleaner, cleaning tools. The cleaner on the bar, and then put the cloth, brush of what is received in the basket, sorting out, not wait until when you are going to use it to find this little little that.

the drawer of the kitchen, but the main force of small objects to receive. Chopsticks, spoon, fork belongs and also looks much more organized. There are many online translucent without cover plastic box, cheap and good, used to receive no problem ~ is located in the corner of the part also should make full use of rise, the two oblique connection in the back of the drawer, segmentation is clear, on the one hand, help the receive, it is also a special design of bright eye.

hang up

the metope of the kitchen also cannot be ignored, used to receive let kitchen utensils and appliances, put aside frame, hook on the wall, take the initiative to open to receive a space, and learning is very important. Hang, nail or stick is very good method, especially suitable for the small family, unknowingly expanded the kitchen area, is very surprise. Made of wall shelf shelf, stand a little taller, super save space, but also convenient for taking, added dimensional feeling back to the kitchen.

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