How to make use of ambry drawer is received and put the kitchen?

by:GSH     2021-01-17
How to make use of ambry drawer is received and put the kitchen? A complete integral ambry is made of condole ark and ground ark, the table, and other parts, the ground ark will often install the drawer, take convenient kitchen supplies. But the dishes in the kitchen, food, spices, etc. So many items should be how to plan in place? What ambry drawer? There is need to pay attention to put the position, here small make up to introduce each kind of kitchen items how to put it. Is the most basic ambry drawer placed tableware, according to the size of the bowl, dish, chopsticks and so on, put in a different way, height of the drawer is best there. Height of the upper lower drawer can put bowls, chopsticks, spoons, etc. , use space to receive in the drawer, reasonable partition, better able to take, also avoid colliding with each other. The lower drawer is usually wide and deep, large amount of storage, commonly used to put the dishes, because dishes are vertical received, need to have a certain height. In some detail the ground ark, can also do a drawer to pull basket, clever use of space is received. Chopping block placed horizontally will occupy a large space, if a home a lot, the block will affect the ambry mesa area of operation, then the article such as cutting boards, rolling pin can be placed in the corner of the drawer, put up, save a space, also avoid the mesa too much stuff, become chaos, let a kitchen also become more clean, and the space bigger drawer can also be used to receive all kinds of pot. In some spare gap, there are always long vertical form small width pull basket drawer, this suit to put the canned, bottled dressings, the condiment of hearth side also has put the position. Can also be used to put a few items from the kitchen, such as small vessels. Elongated vertical space goes coincided with canned goods and also can effectively prevent, pull open the drawer can be clear at a glance, soon get want dressing. If the kitchen space is larger, can turn into large ambry drawer is push-pull type, so that more capacity, receive something more rich, kitchen utensils and food, all have the right place, easily solve the problem of the kitchen is received. Cabinets cabinets and drawers, can receive more things. But what ambry drawer put, this also needs to have a plan. According to the size and location of the drawer, put the corresponding items, let everything when use can easily get.
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