how to remove water stains from leather

by:GSH     2020-10-13
Q: I have a leather.
Top Baker coffee table from 1950.
Leather has been stained with water in recent years.
So the top is very ugly.
Is there an economical way to remove stains and restore the leather or replace the top?
Alexander A: leather inserts on coffee tables and other furniture of the year are painted to prevent stains.
Therefore, according to the degree of damage, there are three basic solutions: paint surface;
Peel off the coating, clean and renovate the leather and apply a new clear, protective finish;
Or install a new leather top.
Bill Shotwell, senior fixer for Sterling unlimited repair (703-904-9575;
Virginiafurniturefinishing. com)
Offers a full range of options ranging from $200 to $400
Cleaning costs up to $400 to $600 after replacement.
If he has new leather installed, he can add 23-
Karat gold rolls around with heated embossed brass wheels for $2.
Linear inch 50.
There are other options besides professional treatment.
Try to wipe the shoe oil and polish it with a soft cloth.
If that doesn\'t work, you might want to take the rest of the paint off and then patch the leather.
Get Strip recipes and other tips by searching the \"knowledge base\" on WoodWeb (woodweb. com)
\"Patch the old leather desktop.
Or you can even change the leather yourself.
Scrape the old leather with a wide putty knife.
It usually helps to moisten the surface with warm water.
When the surface is clean, fill any gaps with wood filling and smooth sand.
Any texture differences will appear in the new leather.
Several companies sell replacement leather tops over the Internet.
James Lane, Jupiter, Florida
He does business through the Web counter. com/LEATHER.
Htm, notable because he offers free adhesive applicator and free practice leather for all orders and howto videos.
His replacement leather is $40 per square foot, with a minimum of $90.
You may never guess his recommendation for glue: Wallpaper adhesive.
Q: I have a Chinese cabinet with curved glass on the door.
The glass is broken.
Where can I get a replacement?
New York City A: You\'re lucky.
Foley Jinjie glass factory (718-875-1531;
Flickr works. com)
It is a store located in Red Hook of Brooklyn, often curved glass panels for Chinese and curio cabinets.
Shop bend the flat glass by placing the flat glass on the mold
The company has 4,000 shapes.
And heat two pieces in the kiln.
This causes the glass to soften and slide into the desired shape. (Fused-
The same is true of glass art. )
Replacement glass about 14 inch wide and 45 inch high-
Typical size of Chinese cabinet
It will cost $350 to $400, says owner Charles fogger.
If you want custom-built features like Beeline, irregular curves, engraved design or hinge holes, or expect to pay more if you need shipping or delivery.
\"What people do is take pictures and send them to us by email,\" said Flickr Inger . \".
The company then gives a rough price and an accurate price as soon as the customer sends the exact measurements and details of any custom feature.
The measurement instructions are under \"quote request\" on the company\'s website.
\"In the Washington area, the local source of curved glass used to be the curved glass of Frederick Dodson.
However, it has closed down.
Carol Hutchinson, owner of glass and mirrors in Jessup, Maryland(301-984-7500;
Huchisonglassandmirror. com)
She said she is trying to acquire the company because she has many woodworking customers and occasionally needs to bend the glass.
But it didn\'t work, so she suggested using flashing or precision glass bending in the Ark Greenwood. (479-996-8065; e-bentglass. com).
However, the bending of precision glass is only wholesale, so you will need to place an order through glass companies, cable manufacturers or other professionals.
You can also order curved glass through Van Dyke\'s fix (800-237-8833; vandykes. com). It’s a special-
Order the product, the size can reach 24 inch wide, 56 inch high.
Van Dyke\'s website includes instructions for making drawings showing the exact curves you need.
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