i want to date my living room - am i crazy?

by:GSH     2020-09-30
Modern decoration is a big obstacle for me.
I just don\'t like it for some reason.
I spent a lot of time at my grandparents.
Printed sofa, solid wood coffee table, lace table towel, swa lamp, shag carpet, landscape painting, stained glass. . . . . . the works. I loved it!
It always feels so comfortable.
I really want to do this to my living room.
I \'ve been following craigslist\'s furniture and decor items and just bought a very cheap living room.
Everything is fine.
I think they sell very cheaply because they don\'t think anyone will want this \"ugly\" thing.
They don\'t know, I\'m willing to pay more than they ask for, so what do you think of BHB?
What would you think if you walked into my house and saw something like this?
Will you run away screaming?
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