it’s what you do with space that matters: maurizio pellizzoni

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Maurizio Pellizzoni is 24-year-
The old graphic designer who lives on the shore of Lake Como, when he decides to leave Italy, live a less glamorous life in a dimly lit shared apartment in the Earl\'s Court, and speak English while working at McDonald\'s.
When his mastery of the language was good enough, he found a job in H & M\'s workshop and then worked with Calvin Klein, finally, I found a job as a window designer at Ralph Lauren\'s flagship store on Bond Street.
This usually means that he is going to work at night so that he can study his degree in interior design and architecture during the day.
With his degree, he has been promoted and is responsible for Ralph Lauren\'s household goods collection at stores across Europe.
He has been looking for product ideas around the world for three years
Then there was a big setback.
In 2007, he was seriously ill and diagnosed with a brain infection, almost paralyzed.
His illness gave him time to think.
When he recovered, he was ready to change direction and create his own company, Maurizio Pellizzoni Design.
Instead of obstructing him, Ralph Lauren encouraged him, recommended potential clients and helped him get commissions.
The 38-year-old Maurizio has helped some of Britain\'s richest men and women build houses in the past five years.
His client list includes Premier League players.
He helped Joe and Carly Cole.
Do their Chelsea townhouse)
Major bankers and lawyers, and millionaires in Russia.
He is now a proud owner of a very charming duplex apartment.
Far from those Earl\'s days.
However, by passing through a series of rented apartments, through new crossing doors, poplar trees, and then coming to Finchley Road, he learned a lot about how he wanted to live.
\"At that time, the mortgage situation was much better than it is now,\" he said . \".
\"I calculated that I could spend about 100,000.
He decided to concentrate on searching the South.
Especially east Lundon and Lewisham, who have friends in the area because of the affordable price.
There will also be express trains in central London (
Charing Cross in 20 minutes).
After visiting 20 properties, he bought one for 80,000
Bedroom apartment on top of Victorian house.
This apartment is ugly but it has a resource that has not been developed yet --the loft space.
Maurizio immediately realized that he could greatly increase the area of the apartment (
This is a compact building of 50 square meters.
If he could use the attic
His first task was to attract the freedom of new neighbors downstairs to agree to join forces to buy the building.
Their landlord originally asked for £ 20,000.
But after a long period of negotiations, the figure fell to 1,000 per unit.
Maurizio is free to apply to the Lewisham Commission for permission to enter the attic.
Since other homeowners on the street have done so, his application has been passed.
He then proceeded to reconfigure the apartment.
\"It took me a few years, but it was done six months ago.
I don\'t have any money and I don\'t have time to finish everything at once.
\"His first project was to split the existing bedroom into smaller rooms and separate bathrooms.
To save money, he himself took pains to apply the midnight blue mosaic tiles and learned valuable practical skills along the way.
Then he designed a black one.
The painted steel spiral staircase allows access to the attic and turns the space into a second bedroom with a dressing room.
At last he opened both the kitchen and the living room. plan room.
The project cost £ 30,000 to £ 40,000.
Maurizio does as much work as possible on his own, reducing the price.
The apartment needs a bit of Italian luxury, but there is a man here who now knows how to enhance cheap infrastructure with charming accessories.
So the textured brown wallpaper in the living room is Ralph Lauren\'s and the chair is covered with Missoni fabric.
Although the outer shell of the kitchen is Ikea, the door is walnut finish. The steel-and-
The glass coffee table looks very good and is made according to the designer works enjoyed by Maurizio, but the price is around 15,000 and can\'t afford it.
Instead, he had a local steelmaker copy the wire-and-wire base.
He had a thick glass cut to sit on and gave him a very similar style for the fifth price.
The steelmaker, which is a southeast steelmaker, also made stairs that are accessible at sesteelfab. 1@hotmail. co.
UkGlass is the most popular material
The alcove in the living room is fitted with a glass shelf-
Furniture is a mix of periods and styles.
Maurizio\'s regular wooden table was bought from an antique shop on Holloway Road, and later he invested in a Philip Stark gold stool for the Hall, plus the original poster of the movie \"What Happened to Baby Jane.
Crocodile Ralph Lauren
The bedroom walls are covered with patterned brown paper, and the shadow exactly matches Maurizio\'s five-year-old shiny coat is a complete accidentyear-
Old chocolate Labrador, Arthur.
The apartment that Maurizio shared with his boyfriend has expanded to 70 square meters.
The property\'s latest valuation is £ 210,000.
But space is still tight.
Therefore, he installed a sliding door in the bathroom and added a cabinet wall to the living room, while sliding glass doors led to more storage space on the eaves of the master bedroom.
But as an avid traveler who loves shopping, he knows he will move soon.
He said: \"My next challenge is to have an apartment in a more central place --
A holiday home next to Lake Como.
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