Kitchen design essential factors: ambry pull basket of choice

by:GSH     2021-01-20
Kitchen design essential factors: the choice of cabinet pull basket to evaluate how well a kitchen design, in addition to the style collocation is reasonable, reasonable arrange stage height, use a line design is reasonable, the most important is how to receive a function. Goal is to address to receive a recipe for trouble. Through the reasonable allocation of pull basket can greatly improve cabinet space utilization, make all kinds of goods and utensils properly placed. And can keep the kitchen clean and tidy, in an orderly way. Ambry below pull basket manufacturers to introduce a few practical cabinet pull basket, hope I can give you design of the kitchen with a little inspiration! Corner pull basket corner basket can maximize the use of a built-in space not only, also can make full use of the corner of the abandoned space. Narrow pull basket narrow basket its narrow store object space is perfect for storing items cylindrical or cylindrical. Three layers of smoke pull narrow side drawer, ambry, making use of corner space used to store small POTS in the kitchen. Large capacity of the drawer, to an orderly storage and equipment eat raw material, which make the operation more convenient, the separation of form a complete set flexible adjustable, can effectively prevent the container side. Flat push-pull basket flat push-pull basket has a large storage space, and can be reasonably segmentation space, make all kinds of goods and utensils properly placed. Will be at the bottom of the space next to the sink is designed to open the three layers of slide rail flat push-pull basket, can deposit not commonly used cleaning tools, use up is very convenient. Flying saucer pull basket if there was a L corner in ambry installation, don't know how to use, the flying saucer corner play goal can help. So pull basket, pull open cupboard door, two pull basket like butterfly wings will fly xuan, which can hold the specialty of collected everywhere. Tray anti-skid function, guardrail design, make the goods won't tumble, safe to take. Use rotation stretch butterfly wings pull basket, cannot use the cabinet put oneself in another's position of the corner, come to 'beautiful chu na space'.
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