Learn to receive skills, everyone is to receive a master!

by:GSH     2021-01-16
Learn to receive skills, everyone is to receive a master! This is within the home kitchen space is small, and the function of the active space. In all kinds of kitchen POTS and pans, POTS, ingredients, a lot of a lot of debris, every time clean up the kitchen, do a meal again 'as-is' and so repeatedly. Always complain about the kitchen space is little, unable to store items neatly? In fact you are wrong! Actually messy kitchen 'culprit' is actually you don't understand to receive. And receive a refers to the collocation skill receive tools, orderly and convenient to return the item for, rather than just a pile of all the items, it can affect not only the use of, and need to clean up after each use, is very tiring. Let to return to the kitchen neat and items is convenient and flexible use? Just like below small make up together to learn the kitchen efficient receive tips. To receive 1, wall receive, create space: above the sink, mesa metope space to install hang lever, collocation is adapted to receive a hook, hanging basket, receive a frame to receive tools, such as used in the corresponding areas receive the region frequently used items, receive not only creates more space, and let a kitchen to work more convenient. Receive 2, cabinets, orderly classification: ambry is necessary, general each kitchen receive a space, but most people don't receive a space reasonable and efficient use of ambry, especially the ambry of useless interlayer. How to efficient use of cabinet space? According to the size of the cabinets, install a corresponding cabinet pull basket, barrier separation, different size of the space, according to the size of the goods storage, make items for the whole orderly, make cabinet away from the clutter. 3, mesa receive, clean and beautiful, is the kitchen mesa 'appearance! Generally see kitchen whole not neat, the first is mesa, so it's very important to 'appearance' arrangement. Dishes and utensils as less essential items in the kitchen, want to let them clean to receive on the table, not place a dish of receiving at the table, dishes and utensils' is not running.
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