liverpool hero trent alexander-arnold is mocked over his very minimalist pad and extra-large sofa - as he\'s told to \'get a few pictures on the wall\'

by:GSH     2020-10-12
On Tuesday night, with his clever steps, Liverpool won a place in the Champions League final, Trent Alexander-
Arnold instantly became a hero.
However, after entering the history of football, Alexander-
The 20-year-old Arnold, after being teased by his stuffed football player pad on Twitter, was slammed back to Earth.
In the second Champions League thriller between Tottenham Hotspur and Ajax last night, Alexander-
Arnold posted a photo of himself watching the game at home on his 1.
7 million social media fans
However, there are a lot of comments about his decoration options that are thick and fast.
Scroll down and watch the video lazily on a very big pigeon
Look at the big flat gray sofa-
On the TV screen, the young footballer was titled \"Get ready for anyone\" ahead of Tottenham\'s victory at the extra time of death \".
Aside from the young star, the huge velvet corner sofa is empty, though there are a dozen cushions around him.
A shiny stainless steel unit and matching coffee table
You can also see the lights of the size and the huge NUK and cross games.
However, after about 400,000 people watched the picture on Instagram and nearly 100,000 people saw it on Twitter, internal commentators on social media quickly commented.
@ Dalelfc89 wrote: \"Turn off the headlights and the partner will create some atmosphere.
@ Bazscott81 feels the same way, he wrote: \"I can put some emotional lighting on you, @ trenta98 is too bright to see footy.
@ Daves1973 lfc inserted: \"The whole team can watch the game on that sofa . \".
\"Look at the bare gray walls,\" philcryeradd said. \"a photo or something on the wall is needed.
@ Blainder971 interjected: \'How can you be so rich and taste so bad?
Not 20-year-
After the most important night of his football career, the old may be too upset.
A quick moment
Thinking from Trent Alexander and \"pure wisdom\"
Arnold helped Liverpool have a magical night at Anfield on Tuesday, finishing their biggest comeback in the Champions League.
Right back is starting to go from the set-
Let Xherdan Shaqiri take one in.
But in the moment of glory, Alexander
Arnold quickly turned around and found an unmarked Origi in the middle of the box, and then managed to score Liverpool\'s fourth goal and get them into the Champions League final.
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