Metal cabinet pull basket small maintenance method

by:GSH     2020-12-30
Metal cabinet pull basket of small maintenance method with the emergence of ambry play goal, make better use of the space of ambry, let all kinds of kitchen utensils and appliances, items, got a better classification storage, also make the whole kitchen space more neat and beautiful. And the cabinet pull basket is so great that but how to in the daily maintenance, so as to extend the service life of pull basket? Let to share a few pull basket small method of daily maintenance. Cabinet pull basket maintenance method one: regular maintenance, ambry pull basket of maintenance cycle is commonly once every three months, classes using detergency strong wax oil, besmear is on clean cotton cloth, to pull the basket thoroughly clean the surface, and then into a wipe with clean water, so that to prolong the service life of pull basket and keep pull basket appearance bright and clean bright. Ambry pull basket maintenance method 2: pull basket surface dust, oil dirt, can use a weak detergent or soap, warm water to clean. Avoid using organic solution for hardware, and corrosive chemicals contact ( Such as bleach, vinegar) , in order to avoid damage to pull basket on the surface of the finish. Cabinet pull basket maintenance method 3: generally buy back pull basket will be branded, skins, can use warm water or mild detergent to wash. Ambry pull basket maintenance method 4: pull basket surface appear floating rust of circumstance, can use 10% nitric acid, abrasive detergent, drugs or for special washing detergent, to scrub play goal. Finally, the kitchen is a space that is easy to damp, at ordinary times should pay attention to open doors and Windows, keep the kitchen air circulation, dry is important.
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