Nano dry plating technology and efficient, smooth texture and moving

by:GSH     2020-12-23
Nano dry plating technology efficient, smooth texture and moving nanometer dry plating technology in the field of surface plating system, implements the effective surface plating system requirements, at the same time also has a excellent adhesion and impact resistance and corrosion resistance of the function. Then the specific process or understand let everybody with small make up together and see it! Nano dry copperplating breakthrough the limitation of the object size, can be in resin, ABS, carbon on the resin, metal, glass, pottery and porcelain, lumber, perfect transformation of workpiece surface. On detail also can do hundred paint, surface mirror the simple sense of smooth moving are realized by nano dry plating oh. In addition to the naked eye can see the life of the nanostructured coating elements, hidden in the small details of life should also forged by nano spraying, dry plating technology and nano also points mirror and matte effect! For example, the location of the reflective serious mirror in the kitchen products are not good, black matte receive basket instead more convenient.
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