Neat and comfortable kitchen environment, receive a 'magic weapon' cannot little

by:GSH     2021-01-04
Neat and comfortable kitchen environment, receive a 'magic weapon' cannot little kitchen is a space that can promote the emotion, but a day face a messy kitchen environment, hard to avoid can let the mood become irritable and destroy the mood of cooking. Receive the kitchen was clean, also is a kind of respect for food. Want to have a comfortable, clean and tidy environment cooking, here are some kitchen receive 'magic weapon' cannot little! Receive the: 'magic weapon' receive seasoning bottle container canister is a key to general small items is most likely to affect a space is clean and tidy, and cooking, of course, not all sorts of spices, in the face of all kinds of bottles of condiments, how to place the neat and orderly? Used to receive a 'magic weapon' - — Condiments to receive, receive these fragmentary caster neatly, hung on arrange area near the wall, not only clean and orderly, and conveniently when cooking can arrive, convenient and flexible. To receive a 'magic weapon' 2: clean tableware to receive important dishes is one of indispensable items in the kitchen, tableware and dinner wash dishes and utensils, also has certain water droplets, if direct deposit into the cupboard, will not only bacteria, can also affect the kitchen moisture balance. Place a dish of receiving beside the sink, receive tableware had just finished washing the dishes placed in the frame, not only will not affect the kitchen clean and tidy, can also have the effect of waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall, tableware cleaner and health! To receive a 'magic weapon' three: to install the racks, clever installation metope space to receive a space tight, small kitchen items much more special, the using of the metope is perfect to receive method, such as: the metope of stage of arrange of the shelf installation, hook collocation to receive a frame or S hook use etc, are good receive method. Not only effectively reduce the pressure on other kitchen space to receive, receive and the metope of strewn at random have send, is also a good kitchen 'scenery line'.
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