On the receiving skill, closet space greatens again

by:GSH     2021-01-30
On these all receiving skill, closet space greatens again the chest of a woman forever little, one every woman desire to have a cloakroom, accommodate all your dress ideas. Store wardrobe just as, do not regularly receive and effectively use that maximizes closet space, so the whole wardrobe space is not enough completely, how in the limited space within the most likely magnify storage empty? Work is so tired, feel the body is empty, only by eating eat buy buy buy decompression, people more and more fat, more and more things, less storage space, is a history of chest of fat. To receive a master bedroom with closet, reasonable partition, release the living space, using the small accessories, the trivial small objects receive neat. Dado collocation clothes need to have a lot of accessories, scarves and other small objects with a easy to find, use receive dado receive them carefully, to distinguish them, let the closet in order. Pants wearing trousers material such as fold, together is not a wise choice. Add trousers rack, determined according to the number of dimensions. To take put freely, color, texture, be clear at a glance. L hangers clothes length is differ, hanging together very waste of space, L hangers divided the area into three small area: place the dress and jacket area: coat, shirt, shorts area: shorts, short skirt is placed, handbag, etc. Multilayer storage bag store content bag is best placed vest, t-shirts, condole belt into volumes, according to different type of receive the space is saved, also won't fold. Receive a socks, shorts can also use such receive method. Reasonable wardrobe receive, can bring you a carefree morning, or panic will start early in the morning. People often appear in life, when need something never find, need not be will come out again, this is not a space the size of the problem, but everyone is not reasonable to receive.
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