Pull the basket of revelation about nanometer dry plating technology

by:GSH     2021-01-29
Dry plating technology on nano's reveal this kitchen basket is the home of the most easily messy place, so the kitchen space of goods receive effect how, will directly affect the others in this family or personal evaluation. In addition, the kitchen is in living in whole space more takes up less space, but something more, want to increase the utility area should pay attention to receive the effect. And cabinets play goal is the key to increase the kitchen space, more become the most popular kitchen to receive goods, but how to effect of good quality, to receive a complete pull basket is a good test problem with the consumer. The dry plating technology is nano steel for materials refined but become, thus has nanosteel unique advantages. Its production of ambry pull basket of high hardness, high wear resistance, high corrosion resistance performance, all the material is superior to the present, is also the important material of the modern storage box, has become the modern kitchen receive more product selection trend. Nano steel with original material have a great breakthrough, presumably with the wear resistance, corrosion resistance is very strong. Thus ambry hanging basket as often carried on more with life and durability, nature also received extensive attention from all walks of life. Nanometer dry plating technology to the forefront of spraying technology at present, make the product of a further enhance durability. Since its superior materials and technology have reached such, pull basket industry believe that the future of ambry to the popularity of a wide range of the technology. In addition, in the context of the current situation, the IRONMAN iron man receive products are using the latest nano dry plating processing technology for processing, make its excelsior quality unceasingly, also make product safety get more ascension. Nanometer dry plating technology is relatively rare, also is a kind of processing technology to the best quality. RONMAN iron man receive but nowadays few are produced by using this technology to receive the product brand, using nanometer technology dry plating for surface treatment technology of ambry play goal, receive seiko quality applied to every detail of the smoke antirust test more than 300 hours of technology, also can direct contact with food, compared with the ordinary powder plating processing cabinet pull basket is more of a green, safe environmental protection.
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