Receive a skill to teach you how to advance the kitchen into smart housewife!

by:GSH     2021-01-21
Receive a skill to teach you how to advance the kitchen into smart housewife! Kitchen to receive is a headache thing, usually say one hour to cook, clean up three hours. The things in the kitchen to countless more, but to receive is a very difficult thing to do, and not the kitchen supplies and miscellaneous, is housewife receive a level of an experimental base, the POTS, how how. Receive a space is too small, that if you forget the sink below can also be used to receive? The received frame designed specially for the tank design, portable carrying board, perfect to avoid the winding sewers, moment to receive another square meters of space, is used to make. Separate all kinds of pot with the lid, each pot in a grid, use is convenient. Kitchen utensils and appliances to arrange to receive the rear baffle a pegboard and hang kitchenware and all sorts of small appliances in the above, if have other USES on the tailgate. Pegboard can also in the inner side of the cabinet door. As far as possible to arrange various utensils rules, it will be very beautiful. Kitchen countertops must be spacious enough, otherwise use is really bad, don't have to guess, of course, your table have been taken by microwave oven, electric cooker, there is room can use under the conditions of the kitchen floor plane to help you solve the problem of mesa is received, the multi-layer solid wood floor away from the cooker to all mesa, absolutely receive jump. If walls with smallpox cannot install hang lever with bracket, can consider to install a can draw in the cupboard of hanging hangs lever, used to hang the spoon kitchen utensils and appliances, etc. All kinds of functional food with a knife group is an essential tool for every kitchen, especially because of the danger of using, receive more special attention should be paid to safety; Usually divided into special drawer and mesa, hidden wall head box design, sometimes adding chopping block receives a integrated. About maintenance kitchen clean dish detergent, sponge, steel brush, such as cleaning products, focus on the whole line of smoothness and easy to damp the physical principle, to the sink, adding metal side ahead on top of the arrangement for the best, can also be planning next door of cupboard of the layer of on chip or side play goal. Arrange the fixed on the wall hanging frame, used for flavoring and various kinds of tableware, make full use of the gap between the top and bottom cabinet, and integral ambry still looks is agile in style. For this kind of neat to receive basket can not resist the power of ah, such a vertical receive a basket of place in whole surface in the cabinet, access things very easily. But under the kitchen cabinets are a great place to store content, but because not convenient to take and many families gave up. But this question, put a small box or a box with wheels can be easily solved!
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