remodelling an old broken magazine rack

by:GSH     2020-10-04
By transforming the old furniture, store the solution on the shoe string how do you deal with the old broken rack, part of the old coffee table and a few oak floors;
You have modified it to make it more space-saving, more practical, and stronger than before.
This is our old task to solve the replacement of the old rack that broke many years ago.
I like the reuse and upgrading of old furniture, especially furniture made of solid wood.
Although you can throw it away and buy a new one at will.
Step by step inject new life into the old broken rack. Decide your design and assemble all the materials you need for your DIY project.
In this case, the old broken rack, some oak floors (
As good as pine or plywood)
Part of the old plywood table top;
Used for voltage divider and old LP voltage divider.
For the reformed rack, I used part of the old table top made of plywood;
The rest of the desktop was previously used to make the remote stand.
The height of the table top part is correct, so once the leg stand is removed, the wood is processed with a Sander and only needs to be cut to the correct length.
Leg support (
Stick and twist)
By removing the screws, carefully knock them off with chisels and mallets, and then grind the wood flat with a Sander.
The old rack is placed on the desktop to mark the correct length of the cut.
To ensure tight fit, the part is cut outside the marking line, once cut in place to test fit.
The remains of the old rack are removed and the two side panels are placed with each other to mark and cut their width so that it is only more than half the width of the original size;
As part of the redesign.
For the bottom and sides, just like the table top, the width of the two oak floors is correct and only needs to be cut to the length;
I would like to know how likely this is to happen.
In fact, since the oak board is the tongue, and the groove tongue on the substrate neatly supports the part cut from the table top, the tongue on the new back plate slides neatly through the original rack of the track below.
The base and back are glued to the rack and fixed in place;
Using the nail gun and the \"no nail\" wood glue, only a few small pins of 25mm are used on both sides.
Then the clamping is in place until the glue is firmly solidified enough to continue to be used, in which case it lasts for more than 10 minutes;
For more details, see the section below on sourcing local supplies.
Once the building is strong enough, I mark and drill two holes on the base to install the partition, which was originally the partition in the LP cabinet and had to support the weight of the LPs, robust and rigid accessories are provided.
Once the old LP partition is pushed in place, the next task is to cut a piece of wood from the spare wood and stick it to the bottom of the back, as a modified rack for the new leg stand, then glue the front and secure it in place.
Completed the main DIY project, the rest is to have it trial run for a while and make any minor adjustments before final sanding and completion with wood stains.
Before the wood is dyed, one of the additions I would like to consider is to add a pen holder to the outside on one side of the rack.
The downside of the magazine rack is why we are not in a hurry to repair or replace in the distant past, we bought a rather nice wooden buffet
Assembly rack for many years to serve us;
But it\'s big and bulky and gets out of the way wherever it\'s placed, so eventually it gets pushed into a corner and makes it less convenient for people to get in touch with magazines at will.
The size of the rack is very good;
Wide enough to put a lot of magazines, but there is only one partition (in the centre)
Leave a vast space on both sides, and magazines that need support turn pages, bend and slide down the bottom of the rack, making it difficult to find them;
With so many magazines without branches, you often waste precious time flipping through a bunch of old magazines and trying to find the one you want.
Like a lot of self
Although the overall design of the assembled furniture is good, except for the lack of sufficient partitions, the rack itself is weak and requires several small maintenance to strengthen the partition and base.
However, when a wooden side plate was completely cracked half way and the whole thing crashed, my wife didn\'t want me to fix it specifically because it was often pushed to a corner where it was inconvenient to use.
So I took the pieces of the broken rack to my shed to get the waste wood (
Use in future DIY projects)
We entered the era of coffee tables and became a new dump for magazines.
Think outside the box, inject new life into old furniture, observe what people do, and redesign old furniture to meet these needs.
Perfect side table after years (
Part of a table)
When magazines can be used better as the right coffee table, if only a suitable feature rack can be found, I decided it was time to jump out of the box to find a solution.
Over time, the number of magazines placed on the coffee table is not so much, it will only occupy half of the space of the old rack, I think of cutting the old rack into half (lengthways)
Will provide enough storage space for magazines.
Adding partitions in the remaining half will make the area on both sides of the partitions narrow enough to prevent the magazine from bending and sliding down while in use.
I also thought that the rack was about the same length as the coffee table, so if the redesign was correct, instead of getting everyone in the way of the floor, someone knocked it and tripped it, the rack might be right next to the table, out of the way, but not yet.
So I had to go to the cottage to see what material I needed to implement the design.
In screening all the strange waste wood, I came up with the two remaining oak floors that were recently passed on to our superstructure with oak flooring;
Part of the top of the old coffee table and the rest used to make the remote stand; and a divider (
Originally for lp.
From the first few days of CDs, we saved the LP collection in hi-fi cabinet.
The oak floor will make up the new base and back of the renovated rack and the table top part will be the new front.
Purchasing research from local suppliers can save a lot of money. The glue I use in this DIY project is \"nail-free\" wood glue from \"trade\" tools and accessories suppliers;
There are many places worth visiting in Bristol.
In the past, I bought the gum and the \"no nails\" gum from a DIY dinner store, but it was not cheap.
Recently, in sourcing suppliers for specific brands and models of belt sander needed for another DIY project, we stumbled upon the trade center that supplied it.
The great thing about the trade centers is that they are hidden in industrial zones, and in addition to selling to trade at trade prices, many of them sell to the public at \"trade\" prices.
I know there are a few in Bristol, most of which are construction merchants, one is an \"appliance supplier\", one is a glass merchant, and now is a Tool and Tool accessory.
The only exception is a candy trade center that is only sold to trade;
In my experience, the \"Trade Center\" is on the main street, not in the industrial zone (
Often merchants of builders)
There will be two-
Tiered pricing structureg.
They sell to the public at retail prices but give generous discounts on trade.
In this case when we find a trade center dedicated to selling hidden tools and accessories on the trade property of the Sander I am looking, I also purchased some \"no nails\" wood glue at the same time, and since then we went back and bought more, not only because it\'s a quarter of the price we usually pay in DIY stores, but also because it\'s better product.
The \"no nails\" We buy now are very fast, sometimes too fast, and it\'s hard to clean up afterwards if you don\'t wipe off the excess glue immediately.
Not only that, but this glue can also bond better, more firmly than the other \"nail-free\" I used in the past;
So I\'m happy with that.
Therefore, it is worth sourcing materials and finding the best supplier to provide the best service.
The modified rack has been completed and can be reused once I have a quiet weekend when I don\'t do gardening, have time to give it proper scrubbing and a little bit of wood stains and polish to restore it to its former glory.
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