reusing coffee table parts in a creative way

by:GSH     2020-10-13
It\'s easier to reuse coffee table legs, table tops or the entire table than you think.
If you\'re a little creative and work a little, your old coffee table can easily be given a new life, such as a bigger, better coffee table, or something completely different.
If you like the size and firmness of it, but the top is not fashionable or the shape is not good, consider making a remodel for your coffee table.
One of your easiest options is to make a little sanding, apply new paint or wood stains, and replace any handle or knob.
If the top needs to go, cover it with recycled barn wood or heavy planks, fix it first, then polish and dye it with sandpaper to get a fresh but rustic look.
Or you can make a tile mosaic that covers the top, or a photo collage covered by desktop glass.
Possibilities are endless, don\'t be afraid to become creative and try something different before determining your final coffee table style. Feet (Or Legs)
The first one is interested in using the coffee table legs repeatedly but is not of any use to the top?
How about finding a few funny ones-
A leggy table for garage sales or thrift stores, with legs to build a funky little bookshelf or a vegetable rack?
Simply see the legs and even the length, twist to a strong cross
Wood and paint.
From the piano bench to the plant stand, the coffee table has great potential for a new life as a different furniture.
Some people re-process or re-paint small tables as booths for high-definition televisions.
Others add long legs to larger coffee tables and turn them into functional work or kitchen tables.
They also made a huge low.
Horizontal color table in children\'s room.
Another way is to add interior decoration and convert the coffee table into a decorative bench, Ottoman bench, or piano bench.
If necessary, paint the legs first.
At the top, add a uniform layer of foam or filler, cover with a blanket, secure the blanket with a Staples, and then cover it with fabric and Staples.
Whenever you feel like you\'re a fresh fabric, this way to reuse a few legs of tea without removing the top is simple and can also give you a new piece of furniture cheaply.
The most important thing is to be creative, don\'t hesitate.
Thinking out of the box and putting in a little extra work to create the table you imagine is almost certainly worth it.
Coffee table items are the most interesting in terms of reuse (and functional)you’ll find.
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