School season is coming, let your dorm to receive is no longer a problem!

by:GSH     2021-01-09
School season is coming, let your dorm to receive is no longer a problem! Soon starts to the season, not live in the dormitory, two months before the school must have to buy something. Remember when I was reading, dormitory special bad, just a little cupboard a bed, I was the girl of that kind of love to shopping to buy clothes, often with the cabinet, every time when I want to take things always turn the cabinet. So is there any way can make the dormitory not messy? Step 1: throw! There are a lot of things in the dormitory is not needed, such as all kinds of expired cosmetics, outdated clothes, etc. , after some with less than everything can be thrown away, all don't love, remember the old not to new not to come. Step 2: change! Within the scope of the school rules permit ( Some school dormitory system strict) For replacement. Our school for wallpaper, curtains and other guise is allowed. Step 3: to receive! Next is the third step, the most important is to receive, a neat dormitory can give a person the sense is not the same as well. Receive clothes in the dorm iron closet space, generally long coat, dress is basically not enough. So, it is better to reduce hang the garment area, increase space delamination, make the space with the most reasonable. Using stratified carrying shelves or other receive a box is right choice, to increase the storage capacity of wardrobe. Bed receive a space not enough bed can be used to receive, to use the cane makes up receive basket to receive some not commonly used to things, you can label on the surface, convenient to find things, avoid to be in a mess. Always follow the multi-dimensional development route, in order to achieve a small space, large, to help users of household life efficient, clever, easy do household space, make household life really comfortable happy, quality, willing to share. To create a neat, vigor household, share a healthy and happy life for the mission.
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