Seven kinds of toilet to receive method, to help you for a second to expand capacity of household

by:GSH     2021-02-02
Seven kinds of toilet to receive method, give you a second to expand capacity for many household, toilet to receive problem has always been a century, in general, the home of toilet area is relatively small, a lot of people want to hold a lot of things, and don't want to toilet look a mess. This is good for you to how to solve? Between the wei yu that receive lens ark: the small family if you put a mirror, only too extravagant, or lens ark more practical and convenient. Be clear at a glance. Wall embedded: although the remaining space between door and wall is very small, not bottom shelf, but in fact can be homemade partition according to the size of the actual space, as a result, skin care products, towels and other small items have no place. Metope receive: in addition to hang some hardware accessories receive in metope, also can be in the toilet and the space between the wall and put on a few wooden partition, such not only remove the metope of inflexible, and let you out of thin air more than a piece of receiving area. Embedded receive: sag in part on the wall, do partition with glass, mount two tube lights, not only decorated metope, also added additional receive a space. Receive longitudinal cabinet: this cabinet is very popular recently in be being designed indoors, neat appearance, beautiful, but inside they rhyme, layered put on various toiletries, gently pull open the drawer, can take many simple!
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