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Financial constraints have forced most people to suffer from the increasing troubles and insults of commercial air travel due to the slow pace
Transfer the line to invasive safety checks and non-existent snacks for rude travellers who will not stop occupying the armrests.
If you can afford it, it\'s better to take a private plane.
Some people choose to gain partial ownership through companies such as NetJets, while those with large sums of money choose more glam, such as 8-
$10 million passengers-
Big plane just 60 orsleek sexy month XR-
Bay stream 650 seat with internal organs-
The painful price of nearly $60 million.
Because the size is really important for some people, there is the Titanic.
Fuselage passenger plane with custom interior (and often do)
Includes several lounges, bedroom cabins, multiple restrooms and states-of-the-
Art entertainment system
Image source: turkletombuy and custom brand
The new jumbo jet could put everyone off, except for the best oil wells --to-do.
A cheaper option is to buy an old, already Custom wide
The 1966 Boeing 727 is sitting in Sarasota, Florida. , tarmac.
Asking price: $3. 5 million.
Photography: The wide interior of AerotraderThe
According to the listing information, the body compartment was renovated in 2001 and configured to carry 16 passengers.
Airline passengers can rest near the hotel
Printed sofa in full bar by high-
Mahogany cabinet gloss.
A well-equipped kitchen or kitchen nearby is equipped with two microwave/convection ovens where a private chef can prepare food.
Image source: the huge interior of AerotraderThe 727 includes a living room for the owner with a Queen
The size bed is perfect for small or cosmetic sleep on long trips.
The living room also includes a lounge area with club chairs, built-in sofas and sparkling mahogany wood products.
Image source: three toilets in AerotraderThe are equipped with high
Custom Gloss mahogany cabinets.
For more information about this flying palace, please contact 888-759-7949.
Photo source: Airlines with a large number of entourage may prefer the huge 1980 Boeing 737 in Kansas City, which can accommodate 27 passengers in a variety of seats and sofas.
The asking price is ideal for social, dining and sleeping, only available on request.
Photo source: AerotraderThe multicabin interior space offers luxurious leather chairs, wood accents for hiccups and all the entertainment features that people may want in a Trans Sport
TV, video and CD player.
The most modern interior is equipped with an iPod dock.
Image source: AerotraderThe main lounge has several seating groups including a long sofaopposite
Built-in cabinet full of audio
Visual equipment.
Guests can take a nap on any of the several long couches on the wall of the main cabin.
Image source: five points and eight seats in the cabin of AerotraderA restaurant-star style.
Image source: the AerotraderThe aircraft also includes a separate seating space for four crew members, a full kitchen and two bathrooms, one in front and the other in the back.
For information about this aircraft, please contact Jet Midwest at: 310-652-0296.
Photograph: AerotraderJumbo-
In Sarasota, Florida, the Betties for jet deals only need to look at the 1967 Boeing 727.
The last renovation was in 1998 and was priced at $2. 5 million.
Photo source: spacious cabin at AerotraderThe 23
The passenger plane includes five luxurious leather club chairs.
With a coffee table and a built-in bent cloth sofain high-
The glossy wood cabinet is the perfect choice for storing board games and entertainment systems.
Photo credit: aerotraderthough has enough money to own and maintain a large jet for private use and may have pressing business issues and may have to wait until Zurich lands.
Large building area in VIP office area
Wooden tables in mahogany and burl and comfortable leather club chairs.
There is even an assistant leather club chair.
Photo source: AerotraderThe main living room with queen-
Size bed and private toilet with sink, toilet, bidet and full facilities-
Glass round shower size.
For information on the purchase of this aircraft, please contact 888-759-7949.
Image source: the next stage of ownership of the airline\'s large jet is
The Boeing 787 Dreamliner was delayed and expected.
The buyers of this flying mansion will pay about $0. 2 billion for the aircraft alone, and tens of millions of dollars will be customized by companies such as Lufthansa technology, which are no stranger to dealing with tycoons and rich people.
Image source: Andrew Winch is designed for Lufthansa Institute of Technology. Although the cost is much higher, buying a new giant jet can increase rich wealth in the world very specifically, sometimes, for example, a music salon with a large piano or a cinema house with a state-of-the-
Artistic projection and sound equipment.
Picture Source: Lufthansa Institute of Technology designed by Andrew Winch forgot about the economy-
Class flyers eat dry, tasteless food on folded fooddown trays.
Passengers on the Dreamliner can drink and eat in a formal dining room the size of a banquet hall.
Duties as an Air conference room.
Image source: This design by Lufthansa Institute of Technology, designed by Andrew Winch, a surprisingly wide corridor, through a full bar and kitchen from the cinema, leading to a more intimate place for the plane
Photo source: 787 Andrew Winch Design from Lufthansa Institute of Technology Business configuration can carry nearly 300 people who try to sit up and sleep when their teammates are fidgety and get up 49 times to use the restroom
But the Dreamliner is too big, and even with the large deluxe lounge, there is plenty of room for multiple people to sleep on long and night flights.
The main box can be easily configured as a spacious suite with bedroom, private living room, office area, spacious closet and a large bathroom with double sink, bidet and shower.
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