Small family kitchen often disorganized? Receive a pendant help you

by:GSH     2021-01-10

in household space, small family kitchen will inevitably encounter location crowded, tableware and meat dishes heap together cause mixed and disorderly problem, mesa space is really not much, but how do we use? That this is a knowledge, this let cloud Ju tell you what to do.

elastic receive a space is the most precious
small kitchen usually only five or six meters, something a bit more will give a person the sense of clutter. Many owners complain: receive a space is not enough, the commonly used thing had to be on the table, looks cluttered is inevitable. But if you have some flexibility to receive a space, and to effectively use, the effect will be very different. Small family kitchen can put the area surrounding the clever use of space. Thai cloud Ju the executive chef series of iron man, grind arenaceous black the modelling design of high-grade atmosphere, make people fall in love at first sight of them. In addition can be nailed on the wall. Greatly reduce the efficiency of the desktop, the desktop can put more. So we can set aside a portion of the available space of the kitchen, clutter have placed.
the kitchen small home appliance, electric rice cooker, induction cooker, oven, toaster, etc. , although each home appliance area is not large, but very take a place, and is chaotic. Kitchen sink area is usually in the face of the window, using the nail from the kitchen window shelf, receive a double room, there are two layer shelf, hanging rack folding drop under a layer, a layer of windowsill mesa, use for a long time, bearing no problem.

clean kitchen small tips:
close, use kitchen hearth lampblack machine is near to wipe again, a good habit, don't leave oily accumulate over a long period. The ground often use a vacuum cleaner to suck.
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