Small kitchen receive method - — Cutting tool post

by:GSH     2021-01-12
Small kitchen receive method - — Tool post is well known, the kitchen is a family less essential in an environment, and environment is a messy kitchen, not only has the flavor of the lampblack and some stains are difficult to remove. In order to make the kitchen neat and organized, and to put down the heart of the item, friends will consider receive small kitchen, small kitchen receive board is a more suitable equipment. Receive a plate small kitchen receive - Kitchen receive plate classification at present, the kitchen receive board on market can be roughly divided into four kinds, the dish rack, head boards, condiment bottles, pot rack. Pot pot aircraft is an important part of the receiving plate, kitchen cooking, often don't know where put the pot, put on the table again afraid not health directly, with the cover on the frame, this problem is not a problem. Dish rack dish rack is one of the most common kitchen receive board, in the after washing the dishes, put them on the dishes on the shelf, can drain the water, and can save space in the kitchen. Very convenient and practical. Head and cutting board every family will have a kitchen knife and fruit knife, the cutting tool random, very dangerous. There must be a good kitchen receive the plate head and cutting board. Knife and cutting board on both safe, and can drain water, prevent bacterial growth. Now kitchen condiment bottles, bottle container canister much more special, so many bottles in the kitchen is a mess, and it's not convenient. Condiment container frame to solve the problem. So many bottles together, orderly on the bottles on the shelf, don't have to worry about mixed up.
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