Still in trouble the kitchen is a mess? Try these small kitchen coup

by:GSH     2020-12-20
Still in trouble the kitchen is a mess? Try these small kitchen coup every hot mama to kitchen and love and hate, the kitchen is hot mama from the craft and the best bit, every festival, have friends or family to be a guest, burned a table of delicious meals in the kitchen, let a person envy. Kitchen can bring family warm atmosphere, the whole family around a table to taste spicy mom's food, is a very happy thing. But at the same time also has a hot mom in the kitchen in trouble, do the kitchen is a mess, tidy up trouble, clean and trouble, and often can't find where before use tableware, occasionally a cleaning, clean up the kitchen, in a couple of days is a mess. On hot summer day, the situation is less optimistic. Mosquitoes are inevitable in the kitchen, into the kitchen being scared to lost, into the kitchen needs to be scary. In order to avoid the above situation, the kitchen is received is particularly important, here small make up just to share some kitchen receive small coup. Many families have a drawer under the kitchen countertops, some mother will put the food in it, often find food bad quickly, this is because the hearth heat high, passed to the drawer to accelerate food spoilage, therefore, working in the kitchen drawer is not suitable for the food. Under the hearth is the most suitable put clean POTS and pans, ordinary drawer put these things will waste a lot of space, along with each other is easy to damage. Small make up recommend the yes here are 180 ° full pull the basket, placed in the drawer below the hearth, can make use of all kinds of pan reasonable classification put, save a space, pull rotation method of elegant, fast, beautiful, let every time I open the switch double damping can feel care product experience. There are often hot mama, kitchen utensils used up is not easy to put points, used to take it very troublesome, this problem can be solved with the executive chef, orderly kitchen after installed, commonly used in hand, convenient also convenient for taking back, waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall device can keep the kitchen space is not water, not mosquitoes. Dry content also has a separate shelf, dry wet depart design must be hot mama's Gospel. After watching the above tips, spicy mom have learned? Use a variety of humanized kitchen items, solve the problem from the source, tableware put back in place, use the basics, to the kitchen into a niche you love it.
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