Surface treatment technology of the world's forefront - — Nano coating!

by:GSH     2020-12-26
Surface treatment technology of the world's forefront - — Nano coating! With the rapid social development, surface treatment industry has become one of the important component of modern social economy, make great contribution to social development. Surface treatment, it is an artificial formation on the surface of a substrate material layer and the substrate of the mechanical, physical and chemical properties of different surface processing methods, for the purpose of this process is to meet the product function such as corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, decoration requirements. Surface treatment is also linked with other production. And at the current market conditions, surface treatment, including mechanical polishing, chemical processing, heat treatment, surface coating surface treatment methods, such as concrete is carried out on the workpiece surface cleaning, cleaning, deburring, degreasing and to scale. In the electroplating of early influenced you most in the industry, as a chemical treatment method, the whole production with the aid of acid and alkali solution to remove surface rust such as oil, and then a thin layer on the metal or alloy plating, using the way to deal with the workpiece surface after the performance is good, but there are difficult to deal with, once the improper handling can cause serious environmental pollution. And with the emergence of nano coating broke the traditional electroplating technology deadlock. Nano coating technology, green environmental protection, simple operation, low cost, strong practicability and wide application, has become the latest surface treatment technology in the world at present. Why nano coating will not damage to the environment? It's and its technical principle. Nano coating, as a kind of surface treatment technology, using the chemical principle through direct plating surface present a mirror effect, and equipment of green environmental protection not only, also won't produce after the production of heavy metal, more won't be any 'three wastes' emissions, operators will not suffer any damage. Environmental performance, in addition to having electroplating unlikely ever to nano coating applicable scope is also more extensive, can see the figure of nano coating on various materials, it can be applied to the resin, ABS, carbon materials such as resin, metal, glass, ceramics, wood, and the surface has excellent adhesion, impact resistance and corrosion resistance, also can produce all sorts of color of plating surface.
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