Teach you how to distinguish between ambry to the kinds of baskets

by:GSH     2021-01-05
Teach you how to distinguish between ambry pull basket type ambry basket according to different purposes, the kinds of cabinet pull basket type can be divided into the furnace of pull-out basket, drawer pull basket, advanced Yin, basket, corner play goal, etc. 1, hearth pull basket: it generally in hearth bottom, this part is designed to pull the basket, deposit not commonly used pot pot, even occasionally friends to sit guest not hurry-scurry, and easy to access. 2, the drawer pull basket: as the name implies, its shape is like a drawer, smoked pull the fetch. 3, high damping pull basket: strongly chu na, smoked pull way of opening and closing; Multilayer separating basket, make food easily classified implantation, take take be clear at a glance. At the same time, the heavier load, the more smooth, even if is filled with food, can do it gently open, sad silence. The design of the high cabinet, air, atmosphere; Easy to adjust the basket body height, convenient different types of an item. 4, corner turn basket. Ingenious use of butterfly wings modelling, use the corner area, save space. Don't tumble objects flying saucers turn basket away corner cupboard door, have two beauty of the butterfly disc, light lively quietly slipped out, slow stop in front of that bring the enjoy the process of the item. Careful designers make the tray has the function of anti-slip, such things won't accidentally dropped in the slide.
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