the autocrat of the coffee table

by:GSH     2020-10-13
There is no print year on the cover of TV Guide magazine.
They will tell you that this is a 1998 Company, a world of runners, a Fast Company.
Even Swing and Yahoo! Internet Life --
You\'re not sure you\'ll read after three minutes of picking up the magazine ---
Salute history by marking annus on their faces.
By contrast, the TV Guide currently released is August. 1-7. Which Aug. 1-
TVG is enough to print the full date on the spine for the offspring. But the up-
The previous omission is a blatant statement of disposability, a typical self.
May be the deletion of the biggest magazine in the United States.
After all, the TV Guide is a magazine whose main design consideration is to avoid taking up too much space on the coffee table-
In fact, a magazine begged you to use it as a roller coaster.
When you have nothing better to do, the article size of a magazine is perfect for business breaks.
A core magazine, 150
The odd page of the TV list reminds you that it is rotting when you read it.
To save a copy of the TV guide, its own date-
You must be crazy--
Frank Costa is crazy.
Customers at the New York TV and radio Museum seem to agree.
On a busy Thursday, only a handful of enthusiasts waiting for the next Monty Python screening walked into the Steven spirberg gallery to watch the show TV diary: the cover of a 45-year TV Guide.
\"They met their date, they scolded their children, they talked about what musicals they tried to capture on TKTS, and they moved on.
This reaction is typical of our contradictory attitude towards the great American art form: customers often pack the Subway Library and show old episodes of Ernie covage, and \"wait until your father comes home\" but they come across some exhibitions that suggest that TV might be worth actually researching with a confused self
This is a joke, right?
If you want to look like a madman, try to watch the TV Guide exhibition in your notebook. )
The goal of TV diary is to become a social history in the picture from 1953 to 1998;
From UHF to cable;
From \"When did the Liberator get married\" to \"Alan de Gennes: go out and be responsible \"(
By \"why can\'t miss Brooks find her man \").
Unfortunately, the exhibition of the subway is not so much a simple collection as a planning ---
Dozens of covers were thrown on the wall under the card
Directory title (
\"News\", \"changing family\", necessary Lucille Bauer shrine)
With minimal, tedious comments: \"From dole Perry Mason to interesting lawyers --loving wheeler-
Dealers at \"Ally mcbe\" have gone out of their way to defend them.
\"In this way, I will clean up this court!
The result is the self-sustaining version of the \"remember this\" cultural study you created between two bong clicks in the morning. m.
In your dormitory.
Remember Schneider\"-pfff --
Hey, remember Mel sharp falls! Mel Sharples!
More combinations \").
However, the exhibition itself, with insufficient notes, often speaks well in surprising ways.
First, the cover marked in date and chronological order makes the audience realize how thoroughly and horribly the turning point in our lives is combined with the TV schedule.
We don\'t need a TV guide to cover the year;
Without knowing, we mark our day on a dynasty, Bible\'s internal calendar: Joe Friday Begum Link, Link Begum Furillo and Furillo bepow
In fact, even though we Link TV to fast
This exhibition shows the impact of television on stability and stability: from the passage of time on the cover of the TV Guide, American TV is just a long-term
Run show, updated once a week since 50 years.
So is its calendar.
A magazine of humility
TV Guide is American answer to Chinese watercolor painting or Japanese calligraphy-
Repeated creative exercises, small changes in time --Mode of honor.
Classic TV Guide covers have never really changed, for example: have a big and friendly head on a friendly page (
Despite some exceptions in the exhibition, such as Charles Adams\'s dirty werewolf, this is the first night Super Bowl).
If the theme is a woman who is not a comedian, she is dressed in a long dress with a glorious look;
If it was an interesting person, he was robbed excitedly in an elegant suit. (
But for glasses hair maybe 100 pounds Drew Carey in 1998 may is Dick in van in Dyke in 1968. )
The TV Guide won\'t give you a white-faced Damon Waynes or Jenna aifman from Dominic leather.
Terry Hatcher\'s TV Guide didn\'t say on the cover, \"This photo is about the changing sex --
Work dynamics in post-feminist period
ERA national re-look at Hero concept.
There is a story about Terry Harcher in this magazine.
Or take the logo of the magazine.
Since the Ike era, the small TV screen has assured the audience that TVG is interesting enough and not scary enough ---
It stores readers safely in the next five minutes.
But the complete series reveals how fonts have evolved with the ideals of the country in the near future:defense-
Bunker sans serif 50s to square \"Space: 1999\" 60s and 70s to futuristic font for current font, post-
80s low profile elegant, round, hair-
As thin as a pair of designer glasses frames.
And curt, no-
The nonsense list is a kind of restraint in American poetry style;
Every seemingly simple label is a mini label.
The miracle of the media lies in storytelling.
\"There\'s a heat wave, Eagle Eye and B. J. have a tub.
What you know on the ground is what you need to know.
The magazine tends to be considered a kitsch classic ---
Okay, the ads for the \"Cold Penguin\" statue didn\'t help ---
But the problems presented on the subway are surprisingly provocative and sometimes even gentle, especially the cover of the 50 s.
George Reeves\'s early cover read \"Man and Superman\", the most similar literary allusions --
Today\'s circulation magazine can\'t be touched (
TV guide may be included).
The TV Guide\'s achievement is to gently expose suburban study to new ideas under the cover of defending the values of the heart zone.
So another of its great recurring themes is the tendency of television to finally go too far this time.
Sports TV must be banned.
Brainwashing your dog.
\"Real person\": Entertainment or exploitation \"(
This is above the predatory mug of greedy Sarah Purcell. )
For decades, TVG has been Carl Barker of American pop culture, pleading with us to protect the eyes of sensitive women, children and the elderly with heart problems ---
While opening the tent for all.
So the current cover asks, \"\'Looney: Is it too shocking for TV by making fun of an appreciative comment that hardly asks a question ? \".
Nevertheless, the TV Guide has never really escaped from the American living room;
No other popular publications as background
Limited as this one(
If you really want to look like a madman, you can watch a TV guide on the subway. )
It is not very difficult to do so.
Yes, there is not much incentive to change when you log in to 13 million mailboxes a week, but, with more and more speculation that it may be a victim of an online listing, its complacency has been rewarded.
This leads to an aspect of the cover of the TV Guide that this exhibition barely covers.
To increase sales, TVG has started to collect multiple times on a single issue.
The subway was a helpful display in an \"experimental\" way, but it was really a sad gimmick ---
Because the history of the TV Guide and the true story of this exhibition is the history of the general, so sad
American interest magazine
TVG admits that by introducing four spare \"Dawson Creek\" character covers
We have changed from a TV fan to a fan of Dawson, Patsy and Joey.
Don\'t bother me with other people\'s nonsense!
My Magazine guide may update itself as the Times evolve-
People have been talking about giving up the listing and adopting a larger format to make it a regular entertainment magazine.
But maybe falling off the coffee table won\'t be humble at all, just-the-listings-
Please characters.
TV Guide never asked for more than just a prime minister
The Baptist John Sherpa magazine paved the way to replace the print media-
Serve and prevent ugly coffee rings.
The standard operating procedure for a magazine is to find a way to turn itself into an era of movies and TV shows, which is the loveliest of all times.
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