The cabinet pull basket selection guide for you, come in please find!

by:GSH     2020-12-19
The cabinet pull basket selection guide for you, come in please find! Generally the area of the kitchen is not too big, but not less to hold things. Good ambry not only both carry dozens of level and good cooking function in appearance, but also to solve the problem of kitchen receive, otherwise POTS, POTS and pans are stacked on the table, looks cluttered, where there is the mind of the cooking. Cabinet pull basket, can easily solve the receiving problem in the kitchen. Pull basket according to utility, etc. , can be cut into different storage space, and solve the problem of POTS and pans to receive, also guarantee the clean of tableware. So ambry pull basket when the choose and buy should pay attention to what issues? Take a look at the cabinet pull basket buying guide. A, according to his cabinet size select the ambry of home pulls basket to customized according to the size of their ambry, pull basket is too easy to get stuck, too small may loose again. According to the cabinet size custom pull basket price will be more expensive, so, to choose suitable cabinet pull the basket, and then according to the size of the basket to do ambry. Under the same price, can get better quality goal. 2, select material craft good pull basket ambry basket is very common in the daily meals, so the quality is particularly important. From material, plating, welding points to observe. Material must choose rust stainless steel or aluminum, plating can effectively protect the basket, good quality plating is bright smooth. And weld is to be seen whether the full, not empty welding. Three, damping guide influence of push-pull damping guide is cabinet pull basket can smooth the key to the push and pull. Damping guide rail is one of the factors influencing the basket of bearing capacity. Good quality guide can help pull pull basket smooth smooth, when force is bigger, has a certain buffer force, protect the pull basket of goods is damaged due to inertia. Four, according to the feature selection pull basket ambry basket can be divided into the dishes play goal, spices play goal, corner play goal, condole ark pull basket, tall ark basket, etc. Families usually used dishes play goal, spices pull basket and corner basket, pull basket of different functions can also be divided into different regions, can choose according to their own needs. For L or U ambry, corner pulls basket is artifact, not only can effectively use the dark space, also does not affect objects take put, very practical. Cabinet pull basket 'five' 1 of choose and buy, see look first appearance should be neat and not messy, four corners are through chamfering processing, pull basket placed on the ground to balance, material is arranged at the bottom of the uniform, the surface touch without burr and pitting. 2, see if the plating processing, should be light, elegant appearance. If the electrolytic polishing surface treatment, surface should present the essence of the original stainless steel, can not have obvious strain scratch marks. 3, the spot welds not too big. Too ugly, and mostly empty welding, is not strong, should be slightly smaller than the size of the welding of two material itself, the big company production of basket of weld are touch welding, general welding scar. 4, see material pledge wire basket is easy to rust, very not recommended choice, generally used for 1 ~ 2 years will have to change. Proposal must choose not rust is qualitative, manageable of new times, magic is a good choice. 5, see the guide rail is the most important parts of in full play goal, guide the life of the good or bad will directly decided to pull the basket. Guide rail has a certain weight, should choose thicker material, smooth degree is high, high degree of occlusion, noise is small, with the slippery course of damping.
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