The double wardrobe hardware accessories can let a space, can not know!

by:GSH     2020-12-19
The double wardrobe hardware accessories can let a space, can not know! To join all kinds of functional hardware accessories in the chest, can not only help according to ergonomics and living habits, a more reasonable functional division; And in the case of constant volume, let the closet receive instant capacity doubled. Follow the small make up take a look at what contains so much magic wardrobe hardware fittings! ! ! ! 1, farewell trousers for crease wardrobe hardware accessories - — Smoked pull pants wearing clothes details from the man can be judged taste, once the dress is crease pants to go out, to avoid loss in general. Reasonable use of chest bottom space, add fashionable pants wearing parts, let your pants no crease also convenient to find oh. If the whole house custom wardrobe, trousers rack should choose high strength aluminum alloy frame, a fast loading, double buffering function concurrently, high-grade appearance, strong quality. 2, small objects receive chest hardware accessories - — Fashion trellis will tie, necklaces, watches, and other small accessories and orderly in the trellis, receive, looking for is very convenient. Can be combined with dresser, let the closet integrated more functions. 3, easy to classification stacked chest hardware accessories - — Fashion pull basket add storage basket can receive some laundry, and clean clothes off; Can also put the quality of a material such as a sweater is better clothes. Combined pull basket can effectively use of highly space, classification of clothing at a glance. 4, can conceal the multifunctional wardrobe hardware accessories - — Pier glass mirror with the chest the overall integration, and use it every time you draw out, advance and you can hide, is both practical and save space, also do not affect beautiful. Mirror at the bottom of the tray can put small conveniently remove earrings, necklaces and other accessories, very convenient. A family of four seasons clothing and bedding soft receive, was a great test of closet space, choose reasonable collocation wardrobe accessories, in the room I custom make a order for himself of the wardrobe. Today 'the double wardrobe hardware accessories can let a space, can not know! The topic of 'knowledge is over here, to learn more to receive the hardware information please continue to pay attention!
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