The house is too small to receive distress? Receive household brands cloud Ju solution for you

by:GSH     2021-01-07
The house is too small to receive distress? Household receive brand solutions to you feel now live house is too small, have been thinking about how to make money can change into a bigger, more comfortable house. In making enough money for house away home receive receive 'golden rule' brand to you, from plane to point to the receive ideas, let little space to good use of the house! Household receive a brand gold receive rule one: good enough is a lot of people think that receive a problem to solve, the first is the cabinet and drawer, the more the better. This word is right, speak wrong, too. Cabinet, sundry place. But too many cabinet and let a person feel depressive, like warehouse. Actually 'enough is good as long as the house overall receive minimum volume number, not limited to receive a kind, can basically satisfied usually receive. Household receive a brand gold receive rule # 2: receive each Ann its have the enough space, should also be in accordance with the need to configure the function, can have a magazine. 'Each Ann its' concept, consider receive household brand, should not press space to divide, and should think about it, in every space, what we could do, the needs of the household receive a brand receive scheme which support. Receive different purpose to separate, when decorate must repeatedly imagine yourself living in the house, want to get the image, dig the more thoroughly, and draw lessons from the opinions of the designer, so make the cabinet would useful. Household receive a brand gold receive rule # 3: although reach different families receive a demand is different, but the same goal: to life more convenient, household space more beautiful. Among them, the convenience is the primary. Cabinet generally divided into three regions: high, middle and low. This is according to the body height, the convenience of picking up. You probably imagine understood the supermarket shelves, we most often take, see those things tend to be straight forward. Household receive a brand gold receive rule four: stereoscopic display want more people to live in the same size floor, went to the high development. Similarly, want the cabinet of the same size in the more, the cupboard is high. Now most of the finished product furniture height 2 meters in the following, commercial housing height in 2. 8 - 3. 1 meter, actually secretly many three-dimensional space is wasted. If you can make full use of vertical space, is equal to live in the bigger home. If can receive household brand share today receive 'golden rule' of knowledge, receive household to make a plan, should be able to open the new life.
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