The kitchen functional receive hardware not only make a space to upgrade

by:GSH     2021-01-26
Kitchen functional receive hardware not only make a space to upgrade the kitchen utilization rate is very frequent, so the kitchen is also very high demand for hardware. Many owners have the kitchen decorate a regret, is part of the hardware that didn't choose good, is the kitchen used and receive very inconvenient, which greatly reduces the service life of the kitchen, don't have up to two years and renovation. Kitchen receive hardware of choose and buy must be able to adapt to the kitchen and wet, lampblack to many factors, such as after-sales service industry needs to say hello. To say 1, the dishes play goal: ambry of receive, have to mention the basket. With the invention of the basket, the kitchen tableware never into large and small 'tragedy'. Pull basket is becoming more and more diversified, more and more new products, the big goal and seasoning basket, and other functions are normal, manufacturers can match to each ambry, better imports in one thousand yuan, homebred big pull basket around 400 to 500. 2, tableware shelf: at sixes and sevens tableware is the hardest thing to do, when used in a drawer where it will be inconvenient, in and outside is very dangerous, a carelessly 'blood on the spot'. Believe that the kitchen of a lot of people already use tableware shelf, editors suggest that we don't need to choose too complex, the most simple stainless steel structure can! A trunk can hang multiple link above, you can according to their own requirements to install the number. Someone may think not cover is not health enough, then I can only say that you must not a housewife the & # 8230; 3, stainless steel waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall: simple steel structure of the hardware in the kitchen is the most practical, want to purchase these functional receive hardware owners can go to ikea walk, ikea's similar hardware installation is convenient, the price also very cheap. To add a stainless steel kitchen of waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall, not only can avoid the kitchen 'wet clicking', also can be received as a rack set dinner service. 4, flavor pull basket: flavor pull basket often are in the drawer or slit. Slit pull basket can be said to be the cabinet space utilization high. If is draw-out type partition, generally USES is similar to the material of plastic or stainless steel, but plastic is different from general plastic, environmental protection level can reach the food grade. Slit pull basket are generally not stainless steel, there are also some seasoning to design into corner play goal. Suggest you to communicate with ambry business or designer well before the choose and buy, consider the position of the pull basket whether accord with human body function and living habits. The owner of more and more like when decorating to choose their own major building materials, and ignore the small functional receive hardware. Today's share is over here, to learn more to receive the hardware information, please continue to pay attention!
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