The kitchen is a mess mood bad? To learn from the kitchen to receive a coup

by:GSH     2021-01-27
The kitchen is a mess mood bad? To learn the kitchen receive a coup, always little not kitchen POTS and pans limited space required to store a lot of items, careless slightly becomes messy. How to let a kitchen looks neat and easy to use? Together to learn from the kitchen household receive small coup. Reasonable space design, let a kitchen moment became more spacious. Through the creative shelf, drawer, will otherwise wasted space back, also make the whole kitchen space humanization. Vertical structure, the effective use of the space reasonable borrowed from the longitudinal space, in the top shelf, in the small on your locker, daily with a small cup. Make the pile of items in a plane at ordinary times, formed the pattern of the longitudinal, for cooking food, saved a space. In each side of the window set a three-tier clapboard, can put a little shorter spices, cup dish, convenient take; Higher can put a few adornment, let a kitchen also beautiful. Simple design, single biggest load weight 10 kg, the dishes in the kitchen, spices can be placed on it. Cabinet door shelf installation, use more convenient on the cabinet door space generally people will ignore it. Actually do a shelf on cupboard door, the effective use of space, the catharsis things into it both saves space and convenient and practical. Three layer is put aside frame, make full use of the door space, storage orderly. Perfect classification using cabinet compartment, household receive kitchen metope to use, more tailored a big top cabinet, divided into several compartments, categorizing cup, bowl, pot can put, commonly used toaster on the bottom, take. Through a sliding shelf ( The drawer) , the vertical cabinet into different storage area, items can also be very easy to be take, upper suitable for storing not commonly used kitchen supplies, middle place dressing, packaged food, while larger cooking-oil tins and grain can be stored in a lower level. Ground ark and condole ark, put aside frame, the drawer pull basket region segmentation and layout, make all kinds of items to receive always the orderly, ambry high greatly improve space utilization.
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