The rational use of chest to receive hardware accessories, small space can also limit

by:GSH     2021-01-20
The rational use of chest to receive hardware accessories, small space, that in most cases, due to the different length of the clothes, will let the closet at the bottom of the left a large space, has not been fully utilized. At this time, placed the spare space according to their own need reasonable accessories, such as on receive a case of high and low, add widgets, receive pulls basket, etc. , can achieve the result of reasonable use a space. Hang clothes will coat and sweater or a skirt collocation, can save a space already, also can save matching time. Hang clothes, also can hang out clothes of different material area, let the closet inside clothes at a glance. Suit to receive must be used when a material excellent receive pendant, can keep the suit is flat and level. If more pants, inside the wardrobe to add a special trousers rack, it can let the closet inside partition more clear. Small objects receive many people receive belt way is to put them on a hook or hanger, do so when it is easy to access to other ties, belts touch fall. Might as well add a dedicated to receive socks, scarves and other small objects receive a case, in a drawer in rolls in turn into the grid, not only can avoid wear metal belt buckle, take also be clear at a glance. Large goods receive some bed sheet, pillow towel, pillow or blanket is relatively footprint of objects can be placed in the basket. And bed is tasted and off-season clothes, put aside frame size is placed in the same store content box, label the store content box, only when the take the box, and then pick the clothes, both convenient and can keep the clothes neatly. Wardrobe is received, the goal is to clean and orderly and convenient and practical, according to their own habits to choose the appropriate receive tool.
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