The sitting room sundry receive good books never afraid of the can not let go

by:GSH     2021-01-14
Sitting room sundry receive good books never afraid of the not fit in at the time of cleaning the room, will always feel things more and more, a lot of sundry receive no place, there are some things had no place to put, and not willing to throw away, want to add a place to receive, but don't know how to use a space again, look at the following receive a space of the coup, whether to have in a flash at? Metope receive ark: your side blank metope of the sitting room? So here is the install ark of a receive. A beautiful receive ark can not only put a lot of small adorn article, books, souvenirs, and doesn't have mixed and disorderly feeling, the most important thing is a pretty to receive ark can also be very good decorate a room, and when the New Year can also through such receive ark to guests to show your be fond of, can say is kill two birds with one stone. TV wall to receive ark, if the metope of your home is not blank, then try in TV wall is set to receive ark, such to receive ark can be said to be very practical, not only can very good adornment of sitting room, but also don't mind to make TV setting wall, when the New Year when the guest comes to visit will let a person shine at the moment. The sitting room to receive Angle, corner of the sitting room is decorated into a individual receive show corner of amorous feelings. Put in the corner with jiangnan amorous feelings of old things, make whole sitting room immediately for more than a full of jiangnan style. And receive ark put various kinds of life, just like in silently telling some sweet story. If at the time of the New Year, when the visitors come to see you home the receiving Angle will stop, meanwhile, praised the master's artistic taste.
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