The small family of housewife must know receiving skill!

by:GSH     2021-01-12
The small family of housewife must know receiving skill! Kitchen receive always lets a person have a headache, all say want to see a person will make home, see the kitchen can know, so in a small area of the kitchen, in addition to the daily needs of food and water storage, and all kinds of tableware, electrical appliances and other products also take a lot of space. Kitchen receive so became a difficult problem, it doesn't matter, now with the development of the society, science and technology has also been gradually improve, ambry pull basket, shelf, receive many receive product such as, to solve the receiving problem in the kitchen. The metope of the kitchen is to receive a small treasure, only need a few pieces of simple metope clapboard can realize the function of the large cabinets. Also save the cost of the installation of cupboard door, wall cabinet, light partition has a powerful receive a function, can also be clear at a glance to see items put, take things more convenient. Small corner of the kitchen also can be a treasure to receive, multilayer clapboard on the wall of the corner, realize the intensive receive. Points on the space also don't waste the oh, fitted with a wooden partition, dishes, condiments, etc. , high ventilation is good, tableware, seasoning not easy be affected with damp be affected with damp, not bacteria. In the corner of the kitchen, to fill with corner play goal, not only make full use of the space, also can receive a bottle container canister, spoons and other kitchen items, make the kitchen in order. Kitchen gadgets receive is one of the most troubling, the use of large and small glass jar put foods such as whole grains, salt, tea, not only can receive, can also be used as kitchen accessories oh, food lovers can receive oh. Most overlooked place is in the kitchen wall, if this part will make good use of the kitchen receive a space increases, the installation one-piece condole ark to receive, not only clean but also convenient to take, especially practical oh.
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